More and more children seem to be spending long periods of time indoors, with games consoles and TV shows keeping them from going outside and playing. There are many benefits of outdoor play, and as much of their time is spent in school playground equipment is a great way to encourage children to go outside.

Take look at the benefits of outdoor play below.


  1. Learning and creativity

Outdoor play is great for helping children develop and learn, by putting equipment outdoors children can be encouraged to play whilst partaking in role play or learning through play.

This is a fun way of helping children to learn new information and skills, and they are likely to pick up information differently in the playground to how they will in a classroom. Away from the confinement of four walls, children quickly tap into their creativity which is great for helping their brains develop further.


  1. Physical health

It’s no secret that outdoor play is good for health, as it helps children to remain active and keep physically fit throughout the school week. When playing outside, be it on the football pitch or on the monkey bars, children are building strong bones and improving their fitness levels, which can burn off extra energy and calories.

Outdoor play is a huge part of keeping children fit, and some fresh air and Vitamin D absorbed from sunshine can help to keep them healthy throughout the whole year, and also helps to improve mood. That said, if you’re planning to teach your children how to play tennis or other similar racket sports, it may be a good idea to check this link to find a tennis partner who could help them learn the basics.


  1. Health and wellbeing

Giving children the freedom of outdoor play can help children feel happier, more positive, and overall a bit calmer day-to-day. As for adults, the benefits of being outside is tenfold and should be an important part of their day.

Also, building friendships and having fun helps children to create positive connections to school and to other human beings.


  1. Independence

Playing outdoors in large and creative spaces helps children to be more independent overall and in a social situation. When they are out in the playground, they are interacting with other children and learning how to do so, as well as learning how to play by themselves.

They will learn how to share, how to play games, how to support fellow students, how to navigate the playground in the most fun or the quickest way, and how to pick themselves or their friends up after a fall.


The benefits of outdoor play cannot be stressed enough, and playground equipment is a vital part of the development of children throughout their school lives. If you want to help your students develop even further, consider investing in playground equipment that is going to help their imagination run wild and their creativity thrive.