When your windows and doors are starting to look a bit battered, should you replace them or paint them?

One of the many excellent advantages to having uPVC windows and doors fitted is that they are much easier to maintain than their wooden or metal counterparts. However, over time they take a battering from the elements, and the colour can start to fade and look drab, even though the windows are perfectly fine themselves. If this is the case with your home or place of business, then there are two options open to you if you wish to resolve the issue. Firstly, you can replace your windows and doors, and secondly, you can have a professional company paint your uPVC windows and doors and have them looking like new.

The Costs Compared

When you look at the uPVC painting cost compared to replacing your windows and doors, it is a no brainer as you can save around 70-80% of the cost of replacements when you choose to paint instead. However, you should use a professional service to do the job correctly as all the surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before painting, to ensure for a smooth finish. So, when comparing costs, the painting options beats replacing, hands down.


Image Courtesy of: Cheshire uPVC Coating


Compare The Timeframes

When you look at how long it takes to remove and replace a window to preparing and painting a window, the times are similar with a professional being able to do an excellent job in about 30 minutes. So, when you compare the two options, they are very similar, with no clear winner.

Which One Creates More Mess?

Although the time to complete the work is similar, the mess that is created is far less when you choose to paint your uPVC windows and doors rather than replace them. When you have your windows and doors painted, all the work is done on the exterior of your home. A lot of the work involves cleaning, to ensure that the surface that is going to be painted is clean and free of any debris. When you remove a window, there is a lot of dust created inside your home, as well as having workmen having to walk on your carpets, potentially creating more mess. Comparing which option creates less disruption and intrusion, painting your windows and doors wins this one, hands down.

The Finished Look

When you compare houses or other buildings that have recently had their windows painted, to the ones that have had them replaced, from the outside, you would not be able to tell the difference. The finished look is going to be similar, especially if you use professional painting services Melbourne (or elsewhere) to paint your windows and doors. The only way there would be a significant difference is if you chose to replace your windows with a completely different style of frame. With that said, both options are the same when comparing, with neither option not providing better results than the other.
The Conclusion

When you choose to have a company paint your uPVC windows and doors, you can achieve the same results as when they are replaced, but with less mess and hassle, and significant savings. Overall, if your windows and doors are okay but they are just looking a bit tired and faded, there is no need to spend all that money replacing them, have them professionally painted instead.