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When it comes to selling your family car, there are things that you will need to take care of before you try and sell it. One of those things may be lining up a replacement, and if you will need to take a loan out to do this, then there are plenty of sites that offer some helpful advice. Getting your old family car ready for sale is relatively straightforward, and by following these steps, you can make sure that you get the best possible price for your vehicle.

Service & Inspection

Before you attempt to sell your car, you should take it along to your regular garage and get it serviced and checked over thoroughly first. By doing this, it will highlight any major defects that you may wish to disclose to a potential buyer, and failing to do this could cause you a lot of hassle. In addition, the external, as well as internal detailing of the car, besides the engine components may be affected due to years of use. Now, to make the car look more presentable, you could repaint and have exterior detailing Red Deer (or wherever you may be) done. You will also want to make sure that your tires are in good condition, as well as being legal for the road.


You will also want to get all of your paperwork in order before selling your vehicle. If your registration needs updating, then do this first, and make sure that you have your service history also. Having the full history of the car will show potential buyers any work that has been carried out, including any major repairs. If you do not have the history of the car then you may have to settle for selling your car for less. Alternatively, you can also look for companies that might pay cash for any car despite your car’s history. You may also get adequate value for the vehicle.

Give It A Clean

You will want to make your family car look as good as possible, and giving it a thorough clean both inside and out goes a long way in doing this. It may be worth the investment in having it cleaned by a professional, and also have the engine compartment cleaned at the same time. If your car looks good, then you will have a much higher chance of selling it quickly as everyone loves a clean and great-looking car!

Find A Buyer

There are many different ways that you can sell your old family car such as through a private sale, to a car dealer, or to a car-buying company. For a private sale, you will need to take some good photographs of your vehicle and place these in magazines and on internet websites and try to drum up some interest for your car. Alternatively, you can take your car along to your local dealer and see how much they will offer to buy it for cash, or even as a trade-in. You can also get a cash for cars instant quote from Sell My Car or similar companies online who will come to your location when it is convenient to inspect your vehicle and offer you cash for your vehicle on the spot. You can have the money in your bank in as little as 24 hours!

Get A New Family Car

Now comes the best part, once you have sold your old car, you now have to decide on what car you are going to buy? With so many choices available what would you buy when you sell your vehicle quickly and have a fistful of cash?