Summer days can be fun. They bring warmth, sunshine, and an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. But for kids, the high temperature associated with summer might make life a little harder. Therefore, you need to find the best girls dresses to keep your child comfortable and stylish. Here is how to dress your child for summer.


1. Lighten Up

Your child needs to wear light, easy outfits in hot weather. Thus, they should put on clothes with minimum layers. Thus, consider cooling things down by loosening the onesie under the tees and shorts.

If you’re dealing with a little girl, consider a sleeveless knit dress to keep them comfortable the whole day. On the other hand, little boys will look cool and casual in easy pull-on-shorts, so consider getting them some as summer continues to get intense.


2. Sun-Blocking Clothes 

As your child spends more time outdoors, they’ll start feeling hot. To help them with that, consider clothes that can block the sun. Do the same for girls dresses because they tend to have fragile skin.

Clothes with sun protection known as UPF and are rated UPF 15 can only allow a small percentage of sun’s rays to pass through. These are the materials you should invest in when trying to keep your little one stylish during summer.


3. Cotton Fabrics

As summer gets unforgiving, everyone, including your toddlers, can get overheated. To keep your child comfortable and stylish, you want to choose loose fabrics made of 100% cotton. With lightweight cotton, air can easily reach the body to evaporate sweat.

Your child will encounter minimal to no irritation if the body is cool. You can shop online for a vast range of clothes made of cotton fabrics. They’re nice and will keep your child comfortable and stylish in the warm summer season.


4. Smart Sandals

Your little one probably wants to explore, and summer is the best time. The only problem is that the hot weather comes with many risks, such as sunburns. This also means they’ll spend more time around the beaches, pools, etc.

You need to invest in smart sandals to keep your child’s feet safe. Consider unisex sandals that come in many colours. That way, you can match them with any girls dresses your child might have in their closet.


5. Get a Hat

As the sun’s rays get stronger, you need something to protect your child’s scalp, neck, and face from burns. Though you might want to use sunscreen, this might not work in some cases. Your child might play in the water and wash off the sunscreen without your knowledge.

If you invest in a hat, you can remind your little one to have it on at all times, especially when playing outside. It’s possible to get nice hats from your local brick and mortar stores.



Summer comes with a lot of fun. It gives your child an opportunity to spend more time outside and enjoy life. However, due to the risks the hot weather comes with, you need to choose the right clothes for them. These tips might come in handy.