The term “coronasomnia” has popped up a bit, especially online, to describe the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people’s sleep schedules. It’s made it much more difficult for many individuals to get to sleep and sleep well, and coronasomnia & CBD has made its way onto many people’s radars. CBD is already often used to help with both stress and insomnia, and it might be a good tool for you if you’re experiencing this coronasomnia. Here are four things to make sure you’re doing to get the most benefit out of your CBD.


Make Sure You Have a Good CBD Oil


By far the most important step is to make sure you’re opting for a really high-quality CBD oil. Unfortunately, because the federal government doesn’t regulate CBD oil, as it’s considered a supplement, there are plenty of CBD oils on the market that isn’t as high-quality as they claim to be. Your best bet is to go with a trusted brand that offers third-party testing to ensure the best quality. So if you are in the market to buy cbd for women or men and you want something that is high quality, then do your research as it’ll benefit you in the long run.


Take CBD About Half an Hour Before You Go to Sleep


It typically takes about half an hour for CBD to kick into its full potential. That means if you want the most out of your CBD oil, you’re going to want to take it about half an hour before you’re actually planning to sleep. If you are using any other cannabis products like gummies or vaping (explore CBD sellers now for more info), you may have to try them out to understand how much time it might take to show the effects. Different people may benefit from slightly different schedules, however, so make sure you tailor this half-hour recommendation to your specific needs.


Use CBD as Part of a Sleep Hygiene Reset


Sleep hygiene is a term that refers to the way you treat the place you sleep. You should try to make the half-hour or so before going to sleep a “screen-free” experience, and avoid using your bed for anything except sleep. Sometimes, adding CBD to a sleep hygiene reset can help both things work better, making it much easier for you to start falling asleep.


Try to Reduce Other Stress-Related Issues in Your Life


One of the biggest reasons that “coronasomnia” has popped up so much recently is because of the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on people. However, while you can’t singlehandedly stop the COVID-19 pandemic, you can reduce different types of stress in your life. Getting vaccinated and encouraging your close friends and family to get vaccinated can reduce your stress over them getting sick. You can also reduce other types of stress, like interpersonal stress, by setting up solid boundaries. According to studies, CBD can also be used to reduce the symptoms of stress. Hence, if you’re looking for a cannabis product, check out e-stores similar to low priced bud to find edibles that may help relieve your stress.




It’s definitely true that people have started having much more difficulty sleeping over the last few years, largely due to the emergence of COVID-19. However, although it’s hard to know how far away the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is, you can do some things to help yourself sleep a bit more easily. A great CBD oil can be the first step to fighting coronasomnia, and with these little tips, you can get even more out of whatever CBD oil you end up choosing.