Retirement is most certainly the time to enjoy the good life. Instead of having to rise at some ungodly hour to make the commute to and from work, retirees are able to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.


Use it or lose it


Fitness is extremely important to both the younger and the older generation, and just because we’ve suddenly stopped working doesn’t mean we should become any less active.


Your local gym is bound to have a number of age-appropriate classes available, such as pilates, aqua zumba, yoga and body balance. These are all low impact sports and work to make the muscles stronger and more efficient.


It’s never too late


Even if you’ve refrained from staying physically active over the years, possibly due to a busy working schedule, now is the time to regain those fitness levels. Much of the frailty that comes with old age is down to us not exercising.


Embark on a yoga holiday


Yoga is said to be a great asset to both the mind and soul. If you have trouble motivating yourself, why not embark on a yoga holiday? Such a style of holiday will often involve visiting a much warmer climate and also one that boasts a peaceful location to soothe the soul.


Spending a week or so detoxing and exercising will allow you to return home a new individual. If you’re planning on boarding the plane a few times a year, it may be wise to think about downsizing. McCarthy & Stone have a range of housing options to choose from –  a great prospect to those who find their existing home a little too big for them now that the kids have flown the nest.


If you opt for a property with a number of facilities, including the likes of manned estates and shared lounges, you’ll never have to worry about your home whilst away.


Warding off disease and welcoming an active life


As well as helping to keep your body’s motor running, exercise can also ward off a number of ailments and diseases by making you stronger on the whole.


Exercise can help to manage arthritis pain, menopause and blood sugar levels. It’s also a great way to ensure you prevent the likes of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased weight gain and the hardening of the arteries.


This article on staying active to enjoy your later years can offer more advice and assistance for those interested in embracing a new health regime.