It’s that time of the year again when we honour who is undoubtedly the most important man in the world! No, we’re not talking about Bill Gates here. We’re honouring DADS!

Yes, it’s Father’s day again and it’s time for all the kids to start planning how they will express their love towards their superheroes. However, this might be a bit confusing as so many options are available–should kids buy personalized fathers day gifts like face-printed wallets or do they go for cooking something special for their dads?

While the rest of the world might choose either of the two, Australians seem to have a more interesting way to cook up a storm for their fathers– treating them to a delightful celebration with the best Australian cuisine in Newcastle. It has some fine dining available with a wide variety of different types of food on offer.

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There are lots of restaurants and bars all across Newcastle, which offer fine cuisine and excellent drinks, combined with a pleasant atmosphere. All you need to do to find inspiration is to go online and use your favourite search engine, and you will find that there is a wide variety of choice available, as well as lots of information for you to go through.

Searching for the Best Australian Cuisine in Newcastle

If you do a search for the best Australian cuisine in Newcastle, you will see many websites, which come up, most of them being review websites. These can be a great source of knowledge as you are able to see people’s reviews of their own personal experiences at many eating establishments across the city.


You can also narrow your search parameters down by looking for restaurants in certain areas of the city, such as Beaumont Street, and then see what restaurants have been reviewed and recommended.

You can also search by the type of food, such as Australian cuisine, Mexican, Chinese and so on. Although you will see a lot of good critiques relating to people’s experiences, some people are small minded and pick-up on the very smallest thing just so that they can have something negative to say, so you do need to not take all reviews as gospel, even the outstandingly good ones!

You usually find that people who write reviews will tend to write reviews on the same site, so check out some of their other reviews of restaurants if you think they are either too mean or too nice. Try searching on different websites and compare the reviews, if you see enough good reviews about a certain restaurant across different websites, then there is a good chance you have found yourself a quality establishment.

Keep a Couple of Choices in Mind

When it comes around to special days such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and what have you, it tends to be a busy day for a lot of restaurants, with many people taking their loved ones out for a meal. This means that you will need to make a short list of potential restaurants that you are going to go to and check the availability to make sure they have a table available.

Ideally you will need to do this in advance of Father’s Day as the best places do tend to get booked up quickly, with very limited walk-ins available. If your fist choice is not available, you will have to try your next choice, and so on until you can confirm a reservation.

If you can be flexible with the time, then this can greatly increase your chances of getting a table at your preferred restaurant. If you were planning on surprising your father, you might be best off letting it slip that you are taking him out to make sure that he is going to be free at the available time.

It doesn’t matter that the surprise is blown as your father will appreciate the gesture anyway. And just remember to make sure that you don’t only show your love only once a year on Father’s Day, show him you love him every day!