Weekend retreats and B & B’s are great for getting away for short periods of time, however spa days have seen an increase in popularity recently and it is no surprise as to why that is. With more and more of our daily lives converting into a digital format it is becoming easier to take your work and your study with you. You become eternally connected with everyone you know, sharing stories and updates and keeping in touch with friends.

However it can have an adverse effect on your stress levels. Spending hours at a time during the day staring at brightly lit screens of varying size can have a detrimental effect on your eyesight and your mind if you don’t take regular breaks. So with a spa day out many people feel it is a fantastic way to get away from the stress of social media and work bundled into one and take some time out to relax.

Wickwood's Spa

Why would you go for a spa day and when would you take one? With several health benefits Spa days come highly recommended for those suffering from heightened stress, muscle tension and even insomnia. So when is the best time to take spa day out and why?

Birthday Packages

Everybody loves getting gifts, and everybody loves a relaxing day doing nothing! Surprise a friend or a relative with a spa day gift card or take them there yourself. With a range of different features available your friend can choose their perfect day of relaxation whether it is spending a few sessions with a professional masseuse, relaxing in saunas or having a quick dip in the plunge pool.


Spa breaks are often recommended for those who have suffered physical trauma, either as a result of an accident or a sporting injury. Muscle injuries can be a right pain as they take time to heal although there is no physical evidence of the injury; however it is a proven fact that relaxing is a fantastic way of getting you back on the road to recovery.

Plus many masseuses are professionally trained to treat injuries so doctors often recommend spa days as a form of rehabilitation to help work the muscles and get them back in form. Taking time out from exercise workouts to relax is incredibly important, which is why with a range of relaxing treatments to choose from, spa days can be the perfect choice!


Weekend Breaks

For those who have busy social lives and active work lives it can be hard finding a moment to yourself to relax, which is why choosing a spa day is a great way to get a day off without having to make too much of a commitment. Taking a day out in the weekend can be extremely rewarding as it gives you enough time to relax and recuperate before working again at the start of the next week.

Why not make it a date with some friends by arranging a spa day together? You can also pair it with some fragrant CBD bath bombs (click here to know more) for nice and soft skin. Well, weekend breaks are always better with friends or with someone special and with treatments from mud baths to massages to saunas and steam rooms you and your friends will be spoilt for choice!

Taster Session

Spa treatments are not just for the ladies; however it can take a little bit of courage for some people to try something different. Spa days are a fantastic way of easing yourself into the relaxation mind set as you get one day of it and no more. Accommodation is not provided and you get to go home at the end of the day.

If you’ve been thinking of trying out a spa for a while and you aren’t sure if you’ll like it, you have a busy schedule that would not work around a weekend retreat or you are planning on making it an event with friends for the day, spa days are an ideal choice. It is an experience that everyone should try at least once and even if the initial concept doesn’t sound too appealing to you, it may surprise you how much a day of pure relaxation can help both your physical state and your state of mind.  So go on, love yourself!

Alana Burton is an avid believer in the rest and relaxation benefits that a bit of time out at a spa can provide. Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa provide a range of beauty spa treatments alongside health and fitness facilities and wedding and function services.