My husband and I just bought our dream house! The best gift one can get for the New Year. It is not a mansion or anything big. It’s just a bungalow type of house with four bedrooms, two toilets, kitchen, dining room and a living room. We have two teenagers so the house is just perfect for a family of four. I love it!

Unfortunately, the next step is challenging. We also need to buy new furniture for the new house. So, I decided to make a list of useful furniture for the family home. Aside from the basic stuff like beds, I plan to buy the following.

  1. Bookcases – The whole family is into books. So, maybe I need to buy sturdy bookcases. One for each room and one for the living room.
  2. Wine racks – My husband is into collecting nice wines. Two nice wine racks are perfect to display his collections.
  3. Coffee Table – Once in a while it’s great to just take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee. A nice coffee table is going to give a nice touch to our coffee escape! I prefer a coffee table with drawers so I could put some magazines in it and scan them while sipping my coffee or tea!
  4. Dining Table – Mealtime is family bonding time. The dining room is the most used room in our house. That’s the reason I plan to buy a nice yet sturdy dining table with four seats. Wooden dining tables are durable, stylish and raise the home’s elegance. The best part is, you could get a custom rustic dining table made from one of many table-making services online.
  5. TV stands and sideboards – A couple of TV stands and maybe some sideboards for the different rooms. I will just add other furniture stuff if I need them.

Now that I have my short list, the next question is – what kind of furniture material should I buy? I asked my friends for advice and most of them suggested solid wood furniture. Why? They gave me a lot of reasons, but only three stood out for me.

According to them solid wood furniture can last for decades! I am the kind of person who is willing to pay a little more if that ‘something’ will last for a long time. It is so durable that some of my friends even leave their solid wood furniture outside the house and they don’t worry about termites or fungus. Now THAT is a worthy investment!

Moreover, solid wood furniture only needs little maintenance. Sanding is advisable to do if there are some scratches on the furniture. Normally, you just need some cleaning products to make solid wood furniture shine like new. Less cleaning would mean more time with the family. Isn’t that great news for all mummies?

And finally, solid wood furniture promises classic natural design! Furniture makers make sure the patterns of the hardwood furniture stand out with good finishing. With the unique designs of the furniture, it is no wonder folks hand it down to the next generation.

Well, I guess you know what I am going to do next. Scan the internet and start ordering solid wood furniture! I am so grateful for the new house and the furniture. It is really a great way to start 2016!