When it comes to transforming our homes, things can get expensive, which is why it is not always doable. However, don’t let that put you off making small changes, as this can offer a big impact!


For those who are on a budget and are looking for some low-cost ways to give their house a new lease of life, then look no further! This piece is for you!


Read on to find out how you can spruce up your house for less!


Go Green with House Plants


House plants are somewhat of a staple when it comes to transforming a space. Whether we want to feel a little more closer to nature, want to enjoy the air cleansing properties, or simply want to brighten up the look of a room – house plants are a quick, easy and cheap way to do it. Some houseplants need more attention than you might want to give and others will happily thrive for days being left well alone, so make your selection accordingly!



Rugs and Runners

Changing carpets and flooring can be extremely expensive, and not only that, it is quite the task too, which can involve a lot of upheaval in your life. If you want the refreshed look and feel of a new carpet without the hassle, then why not opt for a rug or a runner instead. Stairs get a lot of wear, and sometimes it is easy to tell exactly where the path that has been trodden so well shows, so investing in stair runners is a fantastic alternative to re-carpeting and can give your stairs a new lease of life!


Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall!


Many of us will have that one room in the house that we feel does not get enough light, or maybe now the nights are coming in and the sky is much more dreary than usual, even the room that gets the most light in the house might need a helping hand. This is where mirrors come in, offering an inexpensive trick.


Mirrors bounce light around the room, so simply install some mirrors on the wall that reflect your windows and watch the room change!




Hang Up Your Art and Pictures


It is really surprising what a change in art and decoration can do to the house. A nice floral picture can change up a plain downstairs bathroom in an instant, and holiday photos in the family room can give it such a personal feel. Now is the time to get out those pieces you have been waiting to use as a special occasion and turn your walls into a gallery. This will change the entire look and feel of the room instantly, but in a temporary way, which means you are free to do this as often as you would like to mix things up!



Throw a Throw!


There is something about a throw, isn’t there? And it is not just the fact that we have to keep wrapped up when the winter hits. Throws are extremely versatile. They can keep the mess off furniture, keep you warm, or act as a quick and efficient means of changing up a style. So for the days when you feel like you want something a little different, simply throw a throw over your sofa or bed to create a new look in the room.