While there may be some concern that the British economy is about to enter a period of decline, figures suggest that the UK is set to spend more than any other European nation this Christmas. This is good news for retailers, who had feared the worst after a dip in consumer spending during the third financial quarter. While Britons may be on course to spend heavily this Christmas, however, it is still important that they look to manage their money responsibly and achieve value for their investment.

How to Share and Distribute Gifts while also saving Money

When sending gifts to absent friends and loved ones, for example, there is need to reduce logistical costs and ensure that they are shipped efficiently. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: –

  1. Compromise on the size and weight of your Gift

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While you may have a fixed idea about your ideal gift for a specific recipient, this may need to be compromised if you are to effectively save money. Distributors tend to price shipments based on weight and size, so by selecting a large or heavy product and then organising an express shipment, you will ultimately spend more and potentially overwhelm your existing budget. This is to be avoided at all costs, so try to reconsider your list of gift options and select one that can be shipped at an affordable price point.

  1. Partner with a Viable Delivery Service

Ultimately, the quality of the service that you select will have a huge bearing on the value for money that you receive. If you partner with a reputable and globally renowned firm such as TNT Direct, for example, you will access two clear benefits. The first is that you can rest assured that your product will reach its intended recipient in good time, as these firms boast an extensive and diverse shipment network. In addition to this, you will also be able to save money as the connections that large companies have offers them access to discounted offers that they can share with customers’.

  1. Ship Products ahead of Time


While it stands to reason that sourcing gifts early can afford customers the options of choice and time, it can also save them money. This is because late orders will need to be shipped using an express shipment order, which usually costs more as companies are forced to make specialist arrangements. By selecting items and placing your orders in advance, however, you can request standard delivery at a cheaper rate without compromising the overall delivery time.