What better way to show your family overseas that you love them than to send them a box full of presents?


At Christmas, we miss our friends and family that live far away the most. An excellent way to show them just how close they are to our hearts is to send them a package full of presents. The world is much easier to travel around, and also ship items, which means it is relatively easy to send a small parcel anywhere in the world, for a reasonable amount of money. There are some things that you will need to consider though;

  • Size of the parcel
  • Weight of the parcel
  • Value of the parcel
  • Contents of the parcel
  • When you will need to ship the parcel to

Jewellery is a great gift idea because it’s small and light, therefore cheap to post!

Shipping Banned Items

Before you buy your presents, you will need to check that what you want to buy is not banned by the carriers, or the country that you are delivering to. There are many products which you are not allowed to ship such as batteries, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, meat, and many other things. You will be able to find a full list of things that you are not allowed to ship online. If you are shipping to a different country, you will also need to check their restricted items, which can differ from the restricted items in the UK. When you are looking for a quote from the different shipping companies, you can also ask for all of the relevant information for restricted items in both the UK, and the country of destination.

Finding Cheap Parcel Delivery

If you are looking for cheap parcel delivery from the UK, then the only tools you need for this are the internet and a phone. There are many companies on the internet, as well as the main companies such as Parcel Force and DHL. The best company will have accounts with all of the major courier companies, which will often mean that they will have the best service suitable for your requirements. If you are shipping at a busy time of year such as Christmas, make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time. The shorter the lead time for your parcel, the more it will cost you. So is you want to have your parcel delivered in time for Christmas, shipping it by the start of December will allow you plenty of time for your parcel to be delivered to your loved ones.

Make Sure your Parcel is not Too Big

While cute and light, soft toys can take up a lot of space in a box!

While cute and light, soft toys can take up a lot of space in a box!

When we ship items overseas the cost is worked out on either the size or the weight, and the shipping company will use whichever figure is bigger. This means that you do not want to send presents which are too big and heavy such as a collection of Encyclopaedias, as these will be expensive to ship. The same as with light items which are large, such as a life-sized stuffed animal, as these also take up a lot of space, and are expensive to ship. Small items are the best kind to be shipped overseas, and ones which are not very heavy. The value of the present is important in the fact that the parcel will only have a limited insurance coverage. If you are sending expensive items, you may need special insurance which can increase the cost of shipping. It is not the weight, size or the value of the gift which is important in the receiver’s eyes. What is important is the fact that you were thinking of them and took the time and trouble to send a gift in the first place!

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