When it comes to interior design, the finishing touches should be considered just as important as the major design choices. Without attention paid to the little details, a decorated room is just a box. Paying attention to details is how you can give your interiors a luxury feel.

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You have decorated your room, whether that is your living room, dining room, or bedroom, but it looks a little sterile. How do you make it not only look like an extension of your personality but also a little luxurious and opulent as well? The answer is to add details to your fixtures and fittings, such as the coving, skirting boards, and doorjambs, as well as your soft furnishings and decorative items, such as cushions and ornaments. If you’re unsure about what to get, then you could always ask for help from renowned interior designers such as Helen Coulston and others. Leave these elements to chance, or worse, ignore them altogether, and you are in danger of your interior looking incomplete.

sofa cushions

The choice of detailing in your home depends on your style preferences. For instance, if you’ve embraced a classic or vintage interior, you might consider adding decorative mouldings to your ceiling coving and skirting boards for an authentic look. On the other hand, if you prefer a modern interior, you can incorporate elements like stylish light switches, modern furniture, or even apply new coatings to your flooring with the help of a contractor specializing in concrete coatings in Kirkwood (or your local area). To create a harmonious and standout design, it’s essential that these details complement each other.

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A major component of an interior that may be overlooked is the floor. If your interior has followed the luxury trend of having real wood flooring fitted, then this needs to be treated to keep it looking its best. Applying specialist hard wax oil to your floorboards will result in a beautiful shiny finish enhancing the natural grain of the wood, while applying wooden floor protection oil will give your floor a natural matt finish and protect it for the long term.

The last thing to consider is the soft furnishings and ornamentation. Your seating may be covered in leather or fabric, but it will still need to have texture and appeal added by cushions. These can be plain with high-impact trims, or patterned and embroidered. Create high impact on the walls with larger or over-sized artwork, and add depth and shine with a large, gilt-edged mirror over the fireplace or placed on the centre of your feature wall.

Do not let your interiors look ordinary by focussing only on the big design elements. Incorporate personal style and inject luxury by adding a few select small but impressive details.