My husband is absolutely terrible at remembering things when we go on holiday anywhere, and looking after the important stuff. In the last 2 years alone he’s lost his passport TWICE (one time resulting in him spending the night in a cell at Barcelona airport as he’d lost it somewhere between going through the gate in Manchester and going through – or trying to, anyway – customs in Spain), his Kindle, his laptop charger, enough contact lenses to last the trip and a set of travellers’ cheques (thank God for travel insurance!).

So now I treat him, rightly or wrongly, like a third child.


One of the best investments we made for our trips is the iPhone 5 emergency charger, which I purchased from Gifts For Men, because on nearly every trip we’ve been on at least one of us has forgotten their phone charger (come on, I can’t be perfect!). So I leave it in the pocket of my rucksack that I always take with me (with a few spare sets of Jack’s contact lenses!), whether it’s a mini-break or long haul, so we know we will always have  access to a mobile in an emergency.

The iPhone emergency charger is fab because it’s really dinky and lightweight so it’s easy to carry around, and it’s so simple to use!

You plug the emergency charger into your ordinary iPhone charger initially to charge its battery.



The emergency charger has 4 little lights on it that indicate how much charge the emergency charger has, making it really easy to gauge this.

So cute and little!

So cute and little!


The emergency charger, when fully charged itself, has the capacity to give the iPhone up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 100 hours of standby time. All you need to do is plug the emergency charger into your iPhone where your normal charger would plug in and it charges it. It couldn’t be anymore straightforward!

My iPhone, fully charged by the emergency charger.

My iPhone, fully charged by the emergency charger.

I love it for the peace of mind it allows whenever we go anywhere. We bought a second one (well worth the money!) to keep in Jack’s car, just in case we need it when we’re out and about on day trips etcetera. It sits right in the glove compartment, next to Jack’s spare contact lenses!

For me, this is great because, especially having 2 kids, I don’t like not having access to a mobile, just in case.

Also, on an arguably less important point, I rely on my phone for my alarm clock, so even if I do have to switch it off in the day, I need to know it’s got enough charge when we’re staying over somewhere to ensure my alarm goes off in the morning. I’m more than slightly anal when it comes to planning, schedules and timing things to perfection. It drives Jack mad, but you can take the teacher out of school…