As more and more shops move to giving out reusable bags, you may well find yourself with lots of these eco fabric bags to spare. Try some of these suggestions for using bags to help around the house.

Organise your cupboards

Fabric bags are great for keeping messy cupboards in check. Tidy up your kitchen storage by grouping smaller items such as lunchboxes and cooking gadgets that you don’t use regularly into fabric bags. You can stack the bags on top of or next to each other to help you get the most out of your cupboard space as well as keeping things organised.

Running errands

Reusable tote bags are obviously designed for carrying shopping in, but there are plenty of other uses for them when you are on the go. For days out or trips to the gym they are great for carrying everything you need, and they are often stronger and more durable than plastic bags so you can fill them up without worry. Cotton bags can be folded up small when not in use so they are easy to keep in your handbag or car, ready to use whenever you need.

Perfect for kids

Using bags to store toys will not only mean tidier bedrooms, it can also help prevent arguments over whose toys are whose. Collect smaller toys such as building bricks or doll accessories and fill up fabric bags, which can then be hung up easily. Personalise plain cotton bags with your children’s names or the design of their choice, and they will know where to find their toys without any tears.

Reuse your favourite designs

If you are particularly fond of a particular bag material or design, why not recycle them by turning them into cushion covers?  Simply fill the bag, sew up the open side and voila!  Alternatively if you have plain bags that you want to decorate, grab some fabric pens and other craft materials for a perfect rainy day activity.