Image by: Claudio Beck

Of all the rooms to decorate in your home, you’re likely to have the most fun decorating the children’s room. Kid’s rooms aren’t subject to adult sensibilities and they provide the perfect opportunity to bring whimsy and charm. You want to make a child’s room both inviting and intriguing. Luckily, there are several ways to achieve this. Always keep in mind that it is the room in which your child (conceivably) will play, entertain friends, sleep and study.

Many parents mistakenly interpret “fun colours” as all the primary colours. That’s not to say that a room with bold splashes of red, green, yellow and blue isn’t fun. It certainly is but it’s not the only fun colour combination. Fun colours can be neon green, fuchsia and teal, or black, white and pink – any number of mixes and matches can make a room look “super fun.” If your child is old enough to tell you what their favourite colour is, be sure you make that colour prominent.


The most obvious way to infuse colour into a child’s room is with paint. You can paint the entire room with the same colour, paint two walls one colour and the other two another, or you can paint all four walls with a different colour. If the room has windows and a sill, you can paint the sill in another colour (in glossy, oil-base, if you like).

Next up is bedding. For babies and toddlers, there are readily available crib and toddler bed sets. The same goes for younger kids’ beds. The majority of the sets for this age group feature blended linens, many with a high concentration of polyester (likely because these sheets will need to be washed more frequently, and, for some kids, more likely to be stained). Often, these linen sets feature franchised characters, from television and movies. If your child has their heart set on one of these novelty bed sets, you may have to rethink your paint design and choose something more coordinated.

You can purchase ready made curtains online to either match or coordinate with the rest of the kid’s bedroom theme. You might also want to consider pulling out a colour from their theme and purchase coordinating, solid-coloured curtains.


So far, we’ve covered paint, bedding and window treatments – all of which will allow for fun kid colours. As your child grows, he or she will begin to offer more input, create a welcoming environment, and ultimately be much more likely to spend quality time in the room. Even more important is when they have to do homework. You will need to set up an enticing study area including a table and chair. Studies have shown that a consistent, comfortable and appropriate study area is conducive to more effective learning and retention. Make sure the room has an area dedicated to schoolwork.

Carpeting or area rugs are another way to bring colour and life into a room.

Wall art and interest will vary with age, so what is adorable from birth to age 2, will change from age 2 to age 5, and so on. As those changes occur, the theme will go to the wayside and it will be up to you to find a unifier and colours that will transition every couple of years. Kids have a habit of putting stickers, papers and posters up on the walls so it’s important to set boundaries early on. Let your child know what you will allow and what you will not.

Expect to make changes. With that said, if your child is fixated on specific colours, colours you happen to hate, don’t fret too much. As capricious as a child can be, those preferred colours will change and are bound to change even more as time passes.