One of the things we’re all about here on Selfish Mum is indeed saving as much money as one can, wherever possible, and naturally that would lead to looking at the normal places, such as the likes of getting good deals, discounts, bulk-buying, etc. For that exercise to be at its most effective, however, one perhaps needs to look even closer to home. Look at some of the areas of your life in which you already spend money, such as the maintenance of assets like your car

We’re not going to get into the debate of whether a car or motorbike is an asset or a liability, because we’re talking about it from the point of view of practical family life as opposed to definitions of the financial industry. However, if you do opt for a personal vehicle, then availing of the right motorbike insurance or car insurance is really important as that would help you in the long run. Coming back to the vehicle aspect, one of the best ways through which to save money is in the proper maintenance of your vehicle to ensure you preserve it for as long as possible.

Basic vehicle inspection

The days when every single aspect that had to do with the family vehicle was left to the man are long since gone, duly so too, because sometimes it takes a woman’s touch to notice some of the potential hazards that could slip through the cracks. I mean that’s why insurance is cheaper for women…

So everybody who drives or owns a vehicle should know how to carry out a basic vehicle inspection, such as checking the tyre pressure, the tread, and just whether or not those specific tyres are best suited to both the vehicle and the conditions. These sorts of things are an important aspect of the maintenance and preservation of your vehicle, because something as simple as rolling with the wrong amount of pressure in your tyres can affect performance elements such as fuel consumption, etc. There’s a very good reason why vehicle owners in the region are in the habit of bringing their cars into the Northampton Calmac Tyres Autocentre, even if it’s just for the equivalent of what a human’s visit to the doctor would be just for a check-up. It’s great to get some expert guidance in this way as to which issues you should be looking at as part of your car’s basic maintenance.

You’d also want to keep your car looking well, which would mean regular washing and polishing with wax. Dents and scrapes should be tended to as well. It is easy to shelve this problem when there are small dents made by hail, pebbles, and more, but it could worsen the paint over time. Dents may open up small spaces for air and moisture to seep in, causing slow rusting over time. Understand that PDR is the most advanced method of restoration for hail-damaged vehicles, so when you do have new dents, take care of it as soon as possible.

The basics should be duly catered to. Check if all the functions that use water have their storage tanks filled up accordingly so that you don’t put any unnecessary strain on them.

Prompt replacement of parts

Prompt replacement of parts is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance. When it comes to keeping your family’s cherished vehicle in prime condition, addressing issues with timely replacements can make all the difference. From routine maintenance like changing oil and filters to more substantial replacements such as integral Engine Parts, staying on top of these requirements ensures your vehicle remains reliable and safe for your family’s use. Using quality parts and keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule, you not only extend the life of your vehicle but also preserve one of your family’s most valued assets.

Staying up-to-date with your car servicing regime

Your car’s FSH (Full Service History) is about as important as a human being’s medical record as that ensures any issues that flare up can be dealt with effectively. If the car has some slight accident damage, for example, going on to do some modification work might have its effectiveness voided as a result of the fact that the accident damage perhaps inflicted some structural damage.

So that’s just one half of the equation – having records of when your car was serviced and exactly which aspects were serviced. The other half of the equation which actually makes up the most important part is that of actually making sure the vehicle is serviced as required by the standards set forth by the manufacturers.

Generally, to prolong the life of any vehicle you should not just make sure to take care of the issues that flare up during the interim service periods, but ensure to effect preventative measures such as using new oil when required, proper deep-cleaning, etc. One major service should also be carried out after an appropriate amount of extended time. If you have been diligent with the interim service then the major service will act almost like a complete overhaul of the car and all but renew it completely.

Regulatory compliance (MOT)

It’s better to get your car MOT tested way well before any deadlines to renew are looming so that you can plan financially and otherwise, for any major issues that may flare up and which could affect the MOT test results. Certain issues can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches down the line if they’re duly dealt with as they pop up, otherwise one small issue can create a knock-on effect which could lead to a much bigger problem in the context of the MOT compliance.

Basically during the MOT, the important parts which make up your vehicle will be checked to make sure they adhere to the legal standards.