Tales are told about this social occasion that would scare the toughest of new parents.

You’ll hear stories about what a hell they are for a parent and a delight for a child. Today, we break down those walls and the veil of mystery surrounding hosting and planning a successful sleepover that’ll be the talk of the town.


It might take some effort, but your kid will love you for it, which makes it more than worth it.

So, let’s break it down into 5 simple ideas that will turn you into a sleepover whizz:

  1. Matching pajamas as gifts

The first time you throw a slumber party sets a tone for everything you do afterward. So, invest some extra effort into planning that first one that will set the bar soo high other parents will hate you for it.

It won’t really matter if the sleepovers in the future are not as elaborate as the first time because, especially with kids, perception is everything.

After throwing the first pajama party with pizzazz, you’ll be known as the fun parent, and everything you do after that will be perceived in the light of that epic party.


So, if you can afford it, splurge for something that will stay with them (apart from the memories) – matching pajamas are a great idea. I bet you it will be the talk around the breakfast table in the next few days, leaving the other parents wondering why they didn’t think of it.

  1. Transform the room for the occasion

This is a very effective trick because it sets the night apart from any other regular night.

You can go big and build blanket and pillow forts or DIY tents, or you can simply set up your camping tent and add an extra pillow or changing the light bulb to colored one.

7201061 - children playing under a tent in the living room

Do this, and the mood is set to send you on your merry way into the slumber party hall of fame.

  1. Get a few air mattresses

Again, the principle is the same, trying to set the night out and make it special. Air mattresses are an inexpensive addition to the night and they can be used as extra beds.

Make sure that you don’t spend too much but choose a budget-friendly air mattress brand or product (like Intex Durabeam), because they are likely to be used as bouncy castles and are not likely to last even if you get the best one out there.

Inflatable chairs will also do, what will be a fun item for them to lunge in will be a great addition to your porch or terrace.

  1. Set up a snacks station

This should be simple. Don’t get carried away and spend your day cooking waffles and pancakes. Most of the snacks on the station will be store bought. It’s easy but effective – go for color and variety.


Don’t forget to provide trays to minimize the mess you’ll be left with the next day.

When it comes to the snacks you’ll be making yourself, go with something that will minimize the time and effort and maximize the effect. A good example might be chocolate-covered cake pops. You can make as many as you want and go crazy with the colors of the sprinkles – it’s one simple recipe but it will add color and variety to your snacks station.


  1. Waffles for breakfast

Set up a “waffles bar” and let them choose their topping – just make sure you have a variety of colorful options. It will be the coolest breakfast they ever had and one they’ll talk about for months.

55025862 - belgian waffles with caramel and ice cream. toning. selective focus

On a serious note

So, there we have it, a few simple ideas that will make your sleepover the coolest. But it’s not all about making sure they are having fun.

So let’s wrap it up on a serious note and go through a few tips for being the responsible parent when planning a sleepover.


Be warned, it’s simply scary having other people kids alone for the first time. The key to making it less scary is planning it all well and being in control of what goes on (as much as possible) without them feeling like you’re there to stop the fun.

Start small

Before you have a full-on slumber party, make sure your kid is ready. Maybe have a few one-on-one sleepovers before you move on to the more serious challenge of slumber parties.

As you move up with the numbers, plan to have an even number of kids. The “odd-kid effect” is like an avalanche of negative energy that can bring down the mightiest of us. If a kid doesn’t have a partner for the activities that require one, it’s a serious problem (as strange as that sounds) and you’ll probably be left there playing clap with the odd kid that will still feel left out.

Observe kids during daytime playdates and choose who you invite

The dynamics of a sleepover is a fragile thing and the last thing you want there is one of those wild kids that wants to dominate everything and everyone.

Observe them during daytime playdates – the ones that are wild and too assertive in daytime are likely to be the same at a sleepover.

Saturday is the day

Every sleepover veteran knows that the main challenge is most likely to be for the kids to actually get some sleep at a sleepover party.

Your best chance of controlling their energy levels and putting them to sleep is if they had a physically busy day, and Saturday gives you the highest odds for that.

48188479 - happy saturday with coffee cup

Saturday is also the best choice because it leaves them Sunday to recover and get the extra sleep they will likely need.

Bottom line- it’s all about planning and staying in control.

If you are worrying something will go wrong, don’t, it probably will. No situation with as many kids high on sugar in a room goes smoothly.

Just keep calm and don’t panic, they can smell fear.