I seem to have developed a “little problem” recently – and no, tempting as it is to crack open a bottle after a long and stressful day at work, it isn’t alcoholism.

I seem to have developed a fetish for candles. Big, small, tall, stumpy, multi-packs, neutral, coloured, scented, practical and decorative; my home is starting to resemble a chaotic, haphazard version of the candle factory Jack and I took the boys to a couple of years ago.

Candles and candle holders are a staple of every good boutique store, as well as every chain store with a half decent Home department, which means you can pick up lovely pieces at pretty good prices.

It made me think about how cheap and easy it actually is to inject a little colour and character into your home just by choosing a couple of small purchases…

Where Did The Problem Begin?

I guess it was a few months ago, when I received two beautiful candles and accompanying candle holders as a birthday gift last year from my mum. Jack and I redecorated the living room in a natural, wood/forest type theme, all browns, beiges and creams with splashes of green. I’ve added a lovely decorative oak-style mirror as a feature, and a few carved ornaments, and the candle holders, shaped like upturned logs, and neutral candles fit in with the theme perfectly.

FC candle

Why Candles?

Because they are cheap, accessible and can radically improve the style of and add character to your home. They also make for great gifts, as you can see from above. Getting some candles as a form of personalised engagement gifts for a couple you know would probably make them very happy. It would definitely give them more value than a commemorative plate or something like that.

Getting back to personal use,Revamping your home on a budget is tough. If you’re ruling out wallpapering, fitting new carpets and buying new furniture, you’re relying on soft furnishing and ornamental items to brighten and add character to your home which, although challenging, is far from impossible.

Cheap and Easy (the candles, I mean! How rude?!)

Candles themselves are ten a penny, and I personally can’t tell the difference between a cheap one and its more expensive counterpart. Coloured candles are a quick and easy way of enhancing any colour scheme you have running through a room, and scented ones are a cheap and fabulous way of creating a certain atmosphere. The great thing about candles is they care easily changeable, meaning altering the colour, size, scent etcetera of the candles you can change the style of your home for next to nothing. It’s all in the details!

The Importance of a Good Candle Holder

For me, the candle holders are the most important part of the candle display, and I find the range of styles available fascinating. Although the log-shaped candle holder gifts I received from my mum are probably my overall favourites, I do adore a couple of purchases I’ve made myself.

FC concrete

I have a pair of cement candle holders I bought for my bedroom that were really cheap but really pretty. I like them because they look imperfect, quirky and different. My room is a mix of turquoise and beige so they fit perfectly, and I alternate between pale turquoise and cream candles to complete the design.