“It looked so much better on the in-store mannequin,” or “it looked so much better on the store’s display shelves,” you might have caught yourself saying a couple of times or more, invariably signifying just one of many reasons why another clothing item has effectively gone to waste.

As indicated by the infographic below, unworn clothing amounts to about 1,200 Pounds in wastages, and this is taking only one woman’s clothing collection into account. You probably already knew you might be guilty of effectively wasting money in this way by buying garments you never wear, but the 30% unworn clothes percentage should definitely give you bit more of an eye-opening perspective. It gets even worse if you fall squarely within the shopping practices demonstrated by the average UK woman and you give your wardrobe a serious shake-up at least once a year.


So now that you’re a bit more aware of just how much wastage goes on in the clothing department, how do you stem the flow of more than a thousand Pounds going to waste through unworn clothes? A layered approach suggests that you first try to ensure you make the most of every item of clothing you buy, gradually working your way towards exchanging unworn clothes for something else you might wear, and then finally by-passing charities to donate directly to someone who could do with your unworn pieces.

Better In-Home Wardrobe Organisation

Bedroom Storage Maker provider of wardrobe storage systems has a range of solutions you can use to store your clothes at home by recreating their in-store display. This will go a long way in solving the problem of any item of clothing you buy losing its appeal as soon as it’s taken off the in-store display and is unflatteringly stored in your wardrobe. Oftentimes it’s simply a matter of not considering something quite simply because it’s nowhere near your field of vision and is subsequently not in any of your outfit planning efforts (out of sight, out of mind). Display and organise all your clothes in a more flattering manner with the use of wardrobe storage systems and you’ll save a bit more of your clothes from going unworn and subsequently wasting money in this way.

Clothing Exchange

Those clothes which somehow manage to escape the flattering wardrobe display system needn’t go to waste either. You can simply get together with other fashionistas and trade clothes of similar value which you reckon you’d actually wear. As the (adapted) saying goes, one woman’s trash is another’s treasure.

Direct Donations

As further indicated in the infographic, donating your clothes to charity can prove to be even more of a waste up to 70% of the time, since a good number of these clothes are actually resold. You can either try to re-sell the clothes yourself or donate them directly to someone who’s more determined to make the most out of them.

It ultimately takes a sustained effort on your part, but with this approach in mind, you can definitely ensure you never again waste money on clothes you don’t end up wearing.