Most of my friends tell me that their wedding day is something they have been fantasizing about a lot. However, when that moment finally came, most of them started with a blank slate, having no idea how to organize this event, the happiest day in their lives. Defining how the wedding of your dreams will look like may be a tough venture – and it’s even more difficult to realize it. Most of us wonder where to begin from, but the venue and the dress are usually the most important things to start with (speaking from a woman’s perspective).

Before going any further, you need to make a decision on several key things. Will you plan a small or a big wedding? When is it going to be organized? Will you hire a professional help (wedding planner)? After setting a date, it’s best to determine the overall “style” of the wedding: romantic, rustic, vintage, modern, luxurious, classic etc. Location is crucial: it’s not irrelevant whether it’ll be a beach, a garden or a hotel restaurant. My favorite is a romantic, but exotic beach wedding – and a perfect location would be Australian Cairns, where I can just continue having fun on my tropical honeymoon.

Regardless of the occasion, there are some tips you need to follow when booking a venue. Parking, space, lodging, accessibility and additional facilities are the things you always need to have in mind when choosing a suitable venue, no matter how perfect it might look at first glance. The place may look like a dream, but if it misses some essential features, it’s all in vein. In my opinion, the cost is another important factor – who needs a night of perfection if you’re going to be penniless after your dream night?

Deciding on the wedding color palette is another good tip: when you choose a style and the color, it will be easier to design the invitations, pick suitable décor and bridesmaids’ gowns. Invitations and décor should follow your overall style, and whatever it is – make some effort and send actual invitations to all guests. I know that it’s 21th century and e-invitations have become a perfectly normal thing these days, but I can’t imagine a dream wedding without old-fashioned, classy way of inviting guests (and writing “thank you” notes afterwards).

The second “most important” thing for every bride: styling. The bridal gown market is a huge one, and there are lots of styles to choose from: mermaid, one-shoulder, strapless, ball gown, short, unconventional… it’s easy to get lost in such abundance. However, there’s no point in choosing the style and cut of the dress before you try it on. A mermaid, champagne dress may be your dream choice, but if it doesn’t suit you – give up. You should also consider trying out dresses from different designers, such as Mori Lee wedding gowns, or more local designer gowns.

It’s quite understandable that finding the perfect wedding gown can be overwhelming. After all, you only have one chance (fingers crossed) to walk down the aisle, looking like a dream as you walk towards the love of your life, with your entire family and friends watching you begin this new phase of your life. Ah, it does sound pretty stressful, can’t deny that.

However, it can be reassuring to know that there are several wedding boutiques out there willing to provide you with personalised consultations. You can book an appointment at or similar others. Getting a consultation from an expert can help you find the perfect wedding gown that will fit your body and wedding theme like a dream. Additionally, most boutiques tend to have collections that span the spectrum, so you should be able to find a dress that perfectly suits you and your wedding theme. To be honest, I still haven’t given much thought about the wedding dress and the makeup – but there’s time for that.

Catering and music are a tricky part. You can’t just fulfill your wishes, while paying no mind to your guests’ wishes as well. Everyone should find food that they love at the table and that’s why I recommend international and diverse cuisine. Also, pure rock or electro wedding will unlikely satisfy a fair share of your guests (that’s why you won’t find many weddings of this kind). I believe in a happy medium – finding a golden middle so you can make (almost) everyone satisfied. Some wedding venues will provide their own music and catering, so don’t forget to ask about these services before booking the venue!

All said and done, the most important thing while planning a wedding is to remember to enjoy the day and cherish this memory with your partner. A dream wedding is always one that celebrates love in the truest sense. This day is all about you and your partner, and the journey you have shared as a couple to reach this stage of your life. So, don’t forget to savor your day and avoid getting lost in the chaos of wedding planning. It is a day to be enjoyed to the fullest!