Your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life, one you will want to remember forever. Having photographs to look back on will be an invaluable memento of your wedding. Hiring a photographer should be a must-do on your wedding planning list and we’ve got the tips you need to get the best photos of your big day.

Make a list of the shots that you and your future spouse must have on your wedding day. Examine potential photographers’ portfolios and photos. Find a photographer, similar to Naba, who can best meet your requirements. Naba is an amazing Portland OR wedding and elopement photographer.

Must-Have Wedding Day Photos

  • The dress – hanging up near a window or beautiful backdrop, being held by the bride, etc.
  • Getting ready – bride, bridal party, groom, and groomsmen putting on their attire, tying ties, getting their hair done, etc.
  • First look—whether this happens prior to the wedding as an intimate moment or while walking down the aisle, make sure the reactions (and possible tears) of the couple seeing one another for the first time is captured
  • Processing down the aisle—flower girl, ring bearer, bridal party, anyone involved in the ceremony
  • The ceremony – exchanging vows, placing the rings on each other’s fingers, first kiss, recessional
  • Wedding party – Couple photos, wedding party photos, individual photos, groomsmen, bridal party photos, any combination you wish
  • The reception – the guests enjoying the party, the toasters, first dance, father/daughter dance, the food, the cutting of the cake, and candid moments throughout the evening

Experienced photographers will know not only what must-have shots there are, but what special moments to look for throughout the day, and will take many more photos than just the specific moments you requested.  Great photographers will have ideas for creative shots or fun prop ideas you can bring to take some silly photos – Our Warwickshire wedding photographer gives some great examples of how this can be done.

Professional tip about wedding guests

One tip – Guests can be photographers’ worst enemies when it comes to capturing important shots. Wedding attendees have been known to stand in the aisle to capture moments with their cell phones, thus blocking photographers from taking photos of moments that you can’t reenact.  To avoid this problem, consider having a tech-free wedding to leave guests focused on your ceremony instead of snapping photos. Plus, then you and your photographer will be the first to see the photos before all your guests post them all over the internet.

Talk with your photographer about how they will deliver your photos to you, whether it be digitally, on a disc, with prints, with film, or any combination.  After you have received your photos and looked over them all, reminiscing over all the beautiful moments, choose your favorites. Print your favorites and put them in an album or create a digital photo album to share with family and friends and look through for years to come.

Blogpost written by Emily Rochotte on behalf of Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography, Leicestershire and Warwickshires most popular wedding photographer and guest too!