Let’s face it, moving a costly exercise. It involves hard work, travel and heaps of packing materials including affordable cardboard packing boxes. But there are ways to save on moving costs and work within your budget.

1. Save By Moving Yourself

While this might not be the fastest method of moving, it’s the most cost effective. You would have to rent a moving van, draw up your inventory, do all the wrapping and packing, taking furniture apart and putting it back together and of course loading and unloading.

Before you make a decision, work out your moving budget. Look into how much you need and how much you can afford to spend for your move.

Meanwhile, also remember that if your budget allows, you can hire atlanta home movers (if that is where you live) because moving homes is undoubtedly a tough job to accomplish on your own. Also, you can always negotiate the price with the movers, to make it affordable.

2. Get Rid of Excess

We’re all guilty of collecting junk over time. Now’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of it by donating or throwing away and saving on space in the moving fan. A garage sale is also a good way of making a little money to go towards your moving budget.

Besides, for all the other items that are necessary, but won’t fit into the moving truck, you can get them stored in a self-storage van (sites similar to https://www.boomboxstorage.com/ could be helpful in this regard). They happen to be more affordable than static storage units and the products you store in these can be delivered to your place whenever you need them.

3. Saving on the Rental of Moving Trucks

Call the major rental truck companies and look online for savings coupons. Do your research to make sure you don’t go over budget.

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Saving On Moving Supplies

One of the biggest necessities when moving is affordable cardboard packing boxes. You can easily find these online and once you’ve moved you can reuse the boxes for storage while protecting the environment. You may also like to consider renting affordable cardboard packing boxes. Even better, you may want to rent green or environmentally friendly boxes. This can help you cut costs by as much as 50 percent.

Another major expense is movers, but you can save by moving yourself. Let your friends and family know you’re moving so they can help out with sourcing affordable moving supplies and offer to help you get packed.

Once you have found the right moving boxes, you need to start packing. By packing in advance, yourself, you won’t need to worry about losing anything on the day of the move and that frees you up to focus on loading and unloading.


Saving on Moving Expenses With a Removals Company

If you don’t fancy the stress of moving yourself, you can still hire professional movers on a budget.

1. Get estimates – while an estimate isn’t the final bill, you can get a few comparative quotes. Once you find a mover that suits your budget, request a binding estimate to help stick to your budget.

2. Make a detailed inventory – make a details inventory of your entire household to get accurate moving quotes.

3. Get your packing materials yourself – by acquiring your own moving supplies you can greatly save on moving costs.

4. Think about insurance – instead of paying extra for insurance, keep valuable items with you. If you have bigger items you can’t fit into your vehicle, find out if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the moving and transportation of your belongings.

5. Share a truck with someone else – if you’re moving long distance, you might be able to get cheaper moving costs if you’re prepared to wait for delivery and share a truck with other people.

6. Speak to your employer – if your relocation is due to work, ask your employer if that could cover part of the moving costs. Many companies do offer moving allowances and there are numerous moving companies that specialise in employee relocations.

7. Deductible moving expenses – Once you have done everything you possibly can to save on your moving expenses, like roped in family and friends and found affordable cardboard packing boxes, look into which moving costs you could deduct from your taxes when you efile. Keep every single receipt as well as the bill of lading. Then at the end of the year, add the moving costs to your tax deductions.

There are a variety of ways to cut costs when it comes to moving to a new house. Follow the above points to stick to your budget and have a little left over for something new for your new home.