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Many people equate living a healthy life with having a very fit body, but there are many other aspects of health that are important and often overlooked. Those in the health profession often refer to seven dimension of health which make up our overall wellness. These are typically presented as a “Wellness Wheel” with each dimension as one spoke of the wheel. Here are the seven dimensions of wellness.

Social Health

Social health is the ability to interact with others in our social environment. Social wellness can be healthy with strong relationships and good interactions. It can be unhealthy if someone either has trouble with communicating or they rely on unhealthy social friendships to determine their self-worth. Someone who spends too much time socializing and not enough time studying, for instance, may need to focus on returning to a balanced social life for overall health.

Emotional Health

Emotional health is the extent to which you are able to listen to, respond to, and share your own feelings. Each person needs to be able to productively express themselves to move through the obstacles of our lives. One example of poor emotional health is lashing out in anger when the true feeling inside is sadness or hurt.

Spiritual Health

Despite what you may think, spiritual health has nothing to do with religion. It can be about your religion or your faith, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, spiritual health is the understanding of your deep personal values and what they are based on for you. It is about creating a space for reflection about the conditions of humans on this earth and how we are interconnected to one another

Environmental Health

Your surroundings constitute your environment. When you have environmental issues such as poor air quality, noise pollution, and clutter, it is not ideal for optimal health. Your environmental health is also connected to the larger environmental health concerns of the planet. Doing things like making sure you have a clean environment and don’t litter in your town contribute to your environmental health.

Occupational Health

Most of us need money to survive and to get money, many of us get jobs. Your occupational health includes how much fulfillment you feel from the job you do every day. Some people have a great need to contribute to society with art, literature, or other creative endeavors. Others want to feel they are helping people in some way. If you don’t feel you achieve much purpose in your job, considering volunteer efforts that can help you feel this sense of purpose.

Intellectual Health

This is the ability to take in new information, analyze it, and adjust your thinking accordingly. One way to increase your intellectual health is to consider yourself a life-long learner. Take up new hobbies and interests and learn everything you can about them. Think of ways you can challenge yourself and those around you to continue to grow intellectually.

Physical Health

This dimension of the health wellness wheel is the one that most people identify with to live healthy. Physical health includes your diet and the fuel you give your body to function, and the overall appearance of your body. Find a health and nutritional program that fits your lifestyle and work it to find physical health. If need be, conducting research on sites like may provide you with reliable options that you can try for maintaining your health in the right way. Without physical health, the other dimensions of the wheel become more difficult to achieve.

Granted that exercising regularly would sharpen your mind and body and enable you to reap many other benefits. But it is possible for exercise to be harmful rather than beneficial if you don’t eat a healthy diet. The bad habit of eating unhealthy could prevent you from gaining muscle, improving digestion, and getting the restful sleep you would otherwise have. Remember, when it comes to eating healthy, home-cooked food offers the best health benefits. As a matter of fact, cooking could open doors for you to explore a variety of healthy meals and snacks, and that way you could escape the boredom of eating the same thing every day. So, it would be in your interest to pick up The Recipe Book or the website of your choice and teach yourself how to cook so that you can get the best results out of a well-maintained diet and proper exercise. What’s more, you could impart recipes that you like to your partner, making it a wholesome experience.

Keep in mind that your body is your temple, so it would rest on you to decide what you would like your body to ingest and how you want it to feel and look.

Those are the 7 dimensions of the health wellness wheel. Write down one tangible thing you can improve on in each area to achieve each month. After one year, you will be surprised at how many improvements you can make.