A mobile phone is essential on a day out and not just to track down family members who have decided to go walkabout. You can use this handy little piece of technology to plan routes, order event tickets and make restaurant reservations as well as find places of interest near your location.

Don’t forget to take your smartphone on a family excursion to save time and money, and remember to check out the best mobile phone deals that come with family perks.

Check out the deals


If you’re still planning an upcoming family holiday it might be a good idea to check your network provider and look for the best mobile phone deals. Most providers will have some form of family plan, including sharer bundles consisting of two or more handsets on the same shared price plan. There’s also the option of additional network allowances each month with each family member receiving perks of their choosing. This can be anything from additional free calling minutes to the ability to browse the net for longer for free and these perks can also apply to tablets as well.

Planning your route

It’s easy to download free smartphone apps that will turn your phone into a nifty satellite navigation system. Alternatively you can also use Google maps and street maps to ensure you don’t get lost while cycling or trying out new walking routes. These downloadable apps are great if you’re exploring new countries and cities, and they’ll be able to highlight places of interest wherever you are. There’s also a range of free apps available to find the most convenient transport routes and transport times if you’re visiting a new city.


Check out the offers

Another bonus of that smartphone is the ability to find and book restaurants, visit sightseeing attractions and find local eateries in the area you’re visiting. Another option is to hunt down those special family offers on attractions and restaurant meals, again free apps are available to download.

Wherever you are in the world your mobile phone can help you to find the best currency exchange rates, a local hotel for the night or even translate languages for you. A family day out or even a holiday abroad will be much easier if you ensure you always have that little mobile phone on hand wherever you go.

Image by Clinton Steeds, used under Creative Commons licence