Managing arthritis and similar joint problems is tough. It usually means you have to take a lot of medication. That is essential because it helps the swelling to go down, and it reduced the pain you feel. However, there are lots of other things you can to do make life easier. Simple changes in your routine and property can improve your situation. You should never overlook holistic approaches in favour of drugs. The medications you take at the moment might ease your discomfort, but they also damage your body in lots of other ways. So, decreasing your intake is always going to be a positive move. Here are some tips that might help you to do that.

Ensure you have the best mattress possible

Most people who suffer from arthritis experience lots of pain while in bed at night. That is because the weight of their body can place extra stress on the affected areas. So, it makes sense to invest in the most comfortable mattress your money can afford. Don’t worry too much if finances are tight at the moment. There are many cheap solutions that could keep you going. Just find a good latex mattress topper guide and learn about the best products on the market. A topper isn’t going to provide the same level of comfort, but it will improve the situation until you can get a new mattress.

Always eat healthy meals and avoid snacking

Any doctor will tell you that eating healthy food is important when you have a condition like arthritis. That is because your body needs all the essential nutrients to combat the issue. Fruit is the perfect snack if you get hungry during the day. Avoid chocolate and crisps as much as possible because they will only make things worse. Ideally, you should plan your weekly meals before heading out to the supermarket. That way, you can limit impulse purchases and ensure you don’t come home with a load of junk.

Stop drinking alcohol

There are many scientific studies that suggest alcohol can make arthritis worse. It’s okay to have a couple of glasses of wine at Christmas, but you shouldn’t drink every week. Those of you with an active social life might find the transition a little more difficult than others. However, you just need to buy fruit juices when it’s your turn to head to the bar. Smoking is also a real issue for people in your situation. You can get lots of help to stop, and so there is no excuse for continuing the habit. Just ask your doctor for information on local support groups and treatment programs. Most of them are free, and so you don’t have to spend anything.


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Putting those basic ideas into practice could mean your pain levels subside very quickly. Arthritis is a nasty condition that will only get worse. So, you need to take the tips on this page seriously if you want to see a vast improvement. When all’s said and done, the last thing you want is to take painkillers for the rest of your life. They will damage your liver and lead to even more problems.