Boy, am I on a lucky streak at the moment or what?!

Some may say the stars, planets, or some other astronomical beings have aligned perfectly for me recently. Others may say the Gods are smiling on me. Some may believe my recent good fortune is down to Lady Luck smiling kindly on me.

Whatever it is, long may it last!

Screw the black cat that crosses my garden on an almost daily basis (crapping all over it in the process, might I add!). Forget that antique mirror Colin and I cracked when we first moved in here 5 years ago. Bugger the salt I spill when cooking!

Because, when it comes to money, I seem to be definitely on a winning streak at the moment.

It started when I found an unexpected £20 in the back pocket of a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in about 3 years and was preparing to give away to charity. (The jeans still found their way into the charity bag; needless to say, the £20 didn’t!).

It  continued with the £50 I won on the scratchcard on the way home from work last week. I NEVER buy scratchcards – I only did it because there was some weird voice in my head telling me to do it…oh, alright; Jack had asked me to pick him one up on my way home, so I got two and mine was the winning one! Ha, how do you like them apples, husband?!

And it’s culminated in a win last night on Bingo at Paddy Power last night! So much fun, and who knows how much I’ll win over the next few days (or, please God, weeks or even months!)?! Thought I’d share this pretty cool image, courtesy of Paddy Power Bingo, depicting some of the luckiest people ever!

I’m DEFINITELY playing again tonight to see how long my luck continues…