Even during pregnancy it can be good to read to your unborn child. You start your child’s learning from the moment you conceive them, since they will start developing quickly. Reading to them lets you start bonding sooner, and it just might make them into a child that starts reading sooner once they are out of you.

Keep reading to your children the moment they are born, and keep reading to them until they can read for themselves. But why do you want to promote reading with your kids?

Teaching Kids To Read And Write

Learning to read does a ton of things for children. It can help the learn to write, it can help grow their imaginations, and it can take them to lands that they may never experience in real life. Reading some books can even teach your children how to rhyme.

Your child may be inspired to begin writing their own stories, and you know children have a very interesting view of the world. Pick literary works that fit their age range, from Dr. Seuss when they are younger to Harry Potter as they get older. Read fiction and nonfiction with them, and allow them to decide what literary works are their favorites.

Teaching Kids To Imagine

Not only does reading make your child smarter, but it can open up their imaginations. When they read they’ll learn to see the stories inside their heads, giving them even more than a movie could. They can learn to create visions of what the words are saying to them.

They may also start to come up with their own stories. They may want to extend on what they’ve read, or even have conversations with you about what they’ve read. By talking about what they’re learning they will also learn more from what they are reading.

First Time Parents

Literary works can also help you, as a parent, be a better one. When you find yourself pregnant for the first time, go pick up some books on pregnancy and on motherhood. Reading these can help you prepare, and maybe take some of the stress out of your life if you’re worried about becoming a parent.

This is also a good time to start looking into what books to buy for baby when they get here. You may want to get them some of your childhood favorites, but you also want to research newer baby and children’s books that will expand their reading and learning abilities.

Books make the world go around, and even though you can read everything (or almost everything) on an eReader these days, nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hands every once in a while.