Laser hair removal is an idea I’ve flirted with – if only to reduce the drain blockages! (A gross thought, I know!) But on speaking to my friends, I’ve found a lot actually have it done, and rave about the results.

Molly Garner, the writer of this article, is a keen advocate of laser hair removal treatments, but her article clarifies a few points on the safety of this treatment during breast-feeding and pregnancy. Enjoy the read…

Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding Period

Laser hair removal has no known side effects when done professionally. It works by targeting dark hair pigment, causing mechanical or thermal damage to the follicle and cuts off the process of hair growth, thus allowing for a smoother skin for long. The treatment is reliable, although NO studies have established its safety in pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers!

It is, therefore, recommended that laser hair removal should be avoided during pregnancy as there is no known information about its effects on the foetus. Research carried out on pregnant rats has shown some negative effects but this has not been the case with pregnant mothers. It is therefore recommended that the procedure should be put off until after birth.

Should laser hair removal be done during breastfeeding period?

In addition to the pregnancy period, the question of laser treatment during breastfeeding period is also a major concern among many mothers. However, the procedure is absolutely safe on the skin and can be conducted as long as the breast or areola tissue is not touched. However, there is a concern surrounding aesthetic numbing agents used during laser hair removal process to help lessen discomfort levels, and these should be avoided as much as possible. The agents are absorbed into the blood stream through the skin and have been found in the breast milk. Consequently, it is recommended that the procedure should be put off until the mother stops breastfeeding.

Safety recommendations during laser hair removal

Due to the many unanswered questions surrounding laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the best thing is to postpone the procedure until the child is born and breastfeeding is over with. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment which can be completed after a period of time since the follicles destroyed will not revive and therefore, it will be safer to postpone it for the few months to allow for full pregnancy development and breastfeeding.

Final thought

Laser treatment is safe and highly effective. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should look to reschedule their treatment sessions as doing so does not in any way hinder its success. You should discuss this with your therapist and, in doing so you will be able to avert unnecessary discomfort during this period.

Molly Garner is a beautician by profession and also blogging regularly. She is contributing article on behalf of CoLaz Beauty Salon.