If you’re thinking of getting a pet, you need to make sure that everybody in the household is ready for this change. Do you want to be the only one to feed the pet? Groom it? Walk it? Everybody in the house should be prepared for the responsibility they’ll have when this new pet moves into your home. Kids can be especially difficult; they’ll beg and plead for a pet for months, but when they finally get one the novelty can wear off. You must be sure that this decision is right for you, or you might end up having to do the unthinkable and give the pet to a better home. Here’s how to work out if your kids are responsible enough for a pet:

They Like Other Animals

Watch how your kids interact around other animals. Do they like them? Do they treat them properly? If they don’t seem to like pets from other households but beg you for one, this could end in tears. They should know how to handle certain pets so as not to aggravate them, and listen to you when you tell them what to do.

They Help Out Around the House

A child who helps out around the house is a responsible child. It’s best if they can do it themselves without being prompted, but this isn’t always the case. If you can ask your child to do something just once and they go and do it, this is a good sign. They will more than likely be happy to help you groom the pet and give it medication from 365 Vet.

They Can Look After Themselves

Can your child look after themselves? Do they brush their teeth and wash themselves without the need for prompting? This could be a good sign that they would be great with a pet.

They’ve Taken Care of a Pet Temporarily

A great idea before you make the permanent decision to get a pet is to take care of one temporarily. See if one of your close friends or family members will lend their pet to you for a weekend. Act as if it is your own pet and feed it/exercise it as needed. Watch how your children act around the pet closely to decide if they’re ready.

They Realise You Need a Pet That Suits the Family

Kids might have an exact pet and breed in mind, but it’s important they understand that you need a pet to suit the family. A dog may not suit your lifestyle, for instance. Both the type of pet and the breed you get need to be suitable, so lots of research needs to be done.

Hopefully, you can work out whether or not your kids are responsible enough for a pet. As a family, you all need to be on the same wavelength when it comes to caring for the pet and disciplining it so it grows up happy and healthy. See you next time!


picture – Chris Smith