Kids are naturally inclined to pick up habits from their parents. When you engage in vices such as vaping in front of them therefore, they are likely to pick it up and become vapors as well. Although vaping is healthier than smoking, it also has its negative effects on the health of an individual.  To be on a safer side therefore, it is necessary that you keep your kids from finding out that you vape. In as much as keeping the fact that you vape from your kids may be very hard, it is possible. Visit some websites to get more tips, but some efficient ways of hiding that you vape from your kids include:

Vaping in the Bathroom

One of the best strategies of keeping your kids from finding out that you vape is by vaping in the bathroom. Most bathrooms are usually designed to keep in the scents and steam from the hot showers. You can use this feature to your advantage when vaping at home. Such bathrooms will keep the clouds from spreading through the house. The bathroom also provides the perfect hiding place, as there are no chances of your kids walking in on you as you smoke. You can therefore enjoy your smoke without worrying about your kids knowing.

Buy Mild Vape Juices

Vaping juices come in various flavors, some stronger than others. The stronger e-liquids often leave a scent on both the body of the vapor and the area in which they vape. To keep your kids from knowing that you vape, you need to be very keen on your choice of e-liquid. When buying the vape juice, it is advisable to go for those with mild flavors. The mild ones hardly leave an odor on your body. A vapor can therefore vape and not leave a scent on their bodies or clothes. If your kids can’t smell the flavor on you, they will not know that you vape.

Practice Oral Hygiene

The easiest way of telling a vapor is mouth odor. Most of the e-juices have a characteristic odor that is often left in the mouth of someone that vapes. Over time, this odor becomes so strong that your kids can easily get a waft of it. To avoid this therefore, you will need to up your oral hygiene. After every vaping session, you should properly clean your mouth and brush your teeth. This helps get rid of the odor and prevent your kids from finding out about your vice.

Avoid Vaping when they are at Home

To satisfy their curiosity, kids are likely to run throughout the house. This makes it easy for them to discover that you vape if you are doing it while they are at home. To be safe therefore, it is recommendable that you avoid vaping while they are at home. Whenever you have the urge to vape when they are at home, you can take a trip to a public vaping area and enjoy your vape. Take your time for the odor to blow away before proceeding back home.

With these measures, you can keep your kids from ever fining out that you vape.