When one observes a child’s interaction with their brand new toys, you very quickly realise that the inner-child lives right on well into the adult years. This is attested to by the many things we buy which go on to collect dust and eventually turn into white elephants, ultimately going to waste since most of those things were likely very expensive. The novelty seems to wear right off and you no longer even give what was once a prized possession a second glance. Some items you buy are much more prone to becoming white elephants than others, though, but with stuff like fitness equipment, their sheer size makes them much easier to make a sustained effort to keep using them and keep them from becoming white elephants.

Buy Multi-Purpose Fitness Equipment

One of the best ways to keep your fitness equipment from turning into white elephants is to purchase multi-purpose equipment. A one-trick pony always gets boring, no matter how much initial value it seemingly offers you. Outlets such as Oldrids have some great hi-tech exercise equipment which never gets boring due to its multi-functional properties. A modern day treadmill for instance is more than just a flat treadmill, but rather one which can be lifted up slightly so as to simulate an incline. Some nifty memory functions also go a long way to ensuring you keep coming back for more because you can then track your progress and keep good records.

Use for Intended Purposes Only

This may appear to be a bit obvious and perhaps a bit counter-intuitive because if something is used for something other than its originally intended purpose, it’s still being used and is therefore not really a white elephant after all. What I mean though is that if for instance you hang some clothes on your fitness equipment or use it as upholstery to house some boxes you planned on moving later, these are the earliest signs of your fitness equipment fading away into the background, soon to collect so much dust that just getting back to your regime will prove to be very challenging. So if you have some spare space in your house, like perhaps an unused study or some open garage space, convert that space into a mini gym which is specifically set aside to house your fitness equipment.

Incorporate Your Fitness Equipment into Your Training Regimes

Centre your exercise regimes and workout plans specifically on your fitness equipment and you’ll be forced to use it rather than letting it go to waste. You’ll also find a number of different ways to use it which may not have been so obvious when you first bought the exercise equipment.

Refresh and Update Your Exercise Regimes

It’s important to refresh and update your training regime in addition to incorporating your fitness equipment into your exercise plans. That way, your exercise equipment will never be looked at with any resentment, leaving you daunting your interaction with it. Instead, you’ll look forward to every new challenge it presents, ensuring you keep using it for many years to come in the future.