Being a victim of a disaster just because someone was negligent can be very heartbreaking. Emotions can get a better part of you and you may make unwise decisions. Decisions that may negatively affect your claim later when you decide to take legal action. And crashing your car here at Houston is a no different disaster. Panicking may be inevitable. And you may be confused not to know what to do. But this is about to become a thing of the past because this piece will guide you on the necessary steps to take. Read on.

  1. Stop Driving

You need to stop driving immediately. If possible, get your car out of the main road and turn on your hazard and indicator lights to create awareness of the accident. And if it’s dark, light up the scene. Do not move any injured victim unless they need immediate first aid or they’re in danger. You will risk being accused of a hit and run (and you won’t like it) should you drive away before the police arrive and you’ve exchanged details with the other driver. Save yourself the trouble and wait till the right time.

  1. Inform the Police

If there are any injuries or someone was killed in the process, do not touch the casualties. Call the Houston police. The other driver could be high or refuses to stop after the crash. The police need to be informed of this as well. The police will write a report containing the details of the accident and the casualties. This report will help you later on when you take legal action.

  1. Collect The Evidence

Take several pictures of the damages caused as a result of the accident. If possible, have pictures of the car before the accident as well. This will aid in evaluating the extent of the damages. Also, take pictures of the injuries. Look around for witnesses, if any, and have their contact information as well. Ensure also to have the details of the other driver with you. In case of major injuries, then it might be difficult for you to gather the kind of evidence you need. In such an event, having Dominguez Firm personal injury lawyers or similar professionals available can be of help. They can gather information on your behalf, and take the load of the next steps like filing a lawsuit and getting compensation from you, so you can focus on healing instead.

  1. Inform Your Insurance Company

Ensure to inform your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible. And doing this is more convenient since most insurance companies accept to be informed over the phone. This will save you the hassle of stressful paperwork, especially in such a situation. Do not accept any private arrangement with the other party and his/her agent because there’s a high chance what they’ll be offering is way less than what you deserve.

  1. Hire an Auto Law Attorney

There are many legal practice platforms with injury lawyers experienced with handling auto law cases here at Houston. But you need to select the right one to help you in your case. You will present the evidence and any relevant information to your personal injury attorney who will then advise you on the legal steps to take. You can see for more information about auto law cases.


These steps will guide you on what to do if you or a family member gets involved in a crash. This situation might be stressful and emotional especially when you think about the possible complications and lifestyle changes. But it is important that you remain calm and follow the right legal procedures. There are other blogs relating to auto law where you can get more information about common auto law issues to help you stay informed and ready for related circumstances.