We hear almost every day how we need to switch this off and that off to save the plant, to conserve fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions – so much so, there’s a danger the message has become ineffective.

How about: try these energy-saving tips to HELP SAVE YOURSELF MONEY?!

I believe this is a much more effective way of getting people to save the planet.

This article contains 20 tips on how you can save money by making some changes to your everyday life. If these tips were followed by everyone in the world, carbon emissions around the globe would be reduced significantly-and you’d save yourself a few pennies in the process.

Tip 1: Additional Fuels

Hydrogen can be used to power modern day cars. Before you purchase a car, see what types of energy can be used to power it. Petrol and diesel aren’t the only options for powering cars today.

Tip 2: Car Tyres

Driving with your tyres at the wrong pressure will waste fuel. You should make one car journey to do all your errands in one day.

Tip 3: Portable Phones

Get some extra cash for recycling your old mobile phone. This service is offered by many businesses so keep an eye out for them, so you can get some extra cash while saving energy.

Tip 4: Turn Appliances Off

Get a timer device to switch your appliances off automatically. Appliances can switch off by themselves at the time selected by you. But there might be cases where the devices are not being turned off, even with the help of a timer device. In such instances, it would be better if you got such appliances checked out by professionals. For example, if the furnace at your home has been failing to shut off at the right time, it would be better to get it replaced or repaired. You could contact companies like Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., which offers residential furnace replacement in Twin Falls, or other local HVAC companies to assist you.

Tip 5: Electrical Applications

Energy can be saved by cutting, slicing, and blending food by hand. Lots of energy gets consumed by electrical appliances. On the other hand, lots of energy often get wasted by the inefficient working of these machines. For example, if your home heating system is using more oil than required and not providing enough warmth to your house. To fix this, you may want to hire professionals from reputed firms (like Albert Culver Co) to get it repaired for better efficiency, which might help you save money on heating oil expenses.

Tip 6: Breezes

Double glazed openings will protect your home. Homes receive many drafts from windows.

Tip 7: Drapes

Sub-zero temperatures are very common throughout winter.You can keep the cold out by simply closing your curtains in the evening.

Tip 8: Fridge

If your freezer was manufactured before 2001, you will have to manually defrost it. Let food cool before it is placed inside the refrigerator.

Tip 9: Laundry Machine & Dishwasher

If your washing machine has half-load or economy settings, you should use them as often as you can. Your dishwasher should only be set on high if your plates are very dirty.

Tip 10: Stay Warm

Socks, sweaters and slippers can help you stay warm during the winter days. At night you can stay warm by having an extra blanket on your bed.

Tip 11: Plan Mealtimes Beforehand

See what appliances that will be needed during the week by having a meal plan. If you’re often looking for quick food, put leftovers from meals into the freezer to have later.

Tip 12: Decrease the Room Heat

The difference between 21 C and 20 C is barely recognizable to the human body, however, your bank balance will. Therefore, it might be advisable to use efficient and clean-burning fuel such as propane to heat your homes. Such fuel can last longer and save you some extra money. In that regard, you can contact your local oil and propane delivery supplier who can provide propane directly to your home.

Tip 13: Lower the Heat of the Hot Water

You will get burn if your water temperature is above 60 degrees. Unless you turn it down, you will need to mix hot and water cold to avoid being scalded.

Tip 14: Central Heating Timer

Only set the hot water and heating to come on when you need it. If your central heating system has a timer, then set it to switch on half an hour before you wake up in the morning and then switch it off half an hour before you need to leave. Also, if you happen to use heating fuel for your home to regulate the temperature inside, you may want to research blogs that speak about how to reduce your heating fuel costs. This could come in handy for you in the long run.

Tip 15: Lights

Before you leave a room, make sure to switch off the lights.

Tip 16: Appliances on Standby

Don’t leave mobile phones and laptops charging unnecessarily. Also, don’t put appliances on standby, switch them off completely.

Tip 17: Kettle

Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you’re going to need.

Tip 18: Leaking Tap

Ensure that taps are turned off completely and fix them immediately if they start to leak. You could fill half a bath with the amount of water a dripping water taps leaks in a week.

Tip 19: Tumble Dryer

Don’t use the tumble dryer to dry clothes if the weather is nice outside.

Tip 20: Insulate Your Home

Keep the warm air inside by sealing your windows and doors to stop any cold drafts from coming in. You should also ensure that your walls, attic and ceilings are all well insulated.

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