No one knows your dad’s quirks, hobbies, or personalities like you do. Therefore, if you experience an insistent feeling that things aren’t okay – or begin to notice unusual behavior – there’s a chance you could be right.

Aging is a well-documented risk for dementia and other forms of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, statistics from the National Institute on Aging show that the number of people with this condition increases two-fold every five years past the age of 65.

Knowing how to spot its early symptoms and document its progress can make all the difference. The observations you make can provide valuable insight to the doctors. They can use them for a more accurate diagnosis. You can learn the early signs of dementia in men guide here.

Early Signs of Dementia in Elderly Men

The signs of dementia in older men tend to vary depending on its progression. However, here are some of the main warning signs that you need to monitor:

1. Trouble Finding or Difficulty Remembering Words

It’s not unheard of for seniors to have memory lapses every once in a while. But, noticing signs of forgetfulness on an ongoing basis is an early indication of dementia.

Signs to note include:

• Trouble remembering or finding words when engaging in casual conversation

• Losing track of his thoughts mid-sentence

2. Losing Track of Time

A major red flag is when your dad starts to lose track of time. It can manifest in the form of forgetting the time, day, holiday, and other important dates. This could also mean that they could suffer from blackouts, which in turn could lead to unnecessary accidents. To avoid such situations and to take care of them, you could contact senior home care in land o lakes fl or from wherever you are located.

That said, make it a point to note when the lapses occur, what they have forgotten, and the frequency of these lapses.

3. Inability to Learn Something New

If your dad likes to spend time in the yard undertaking DIY projects but now has difficulty following instructions or learning how to use a new tool, dementia may be the cause. Pay attention to your dad’s hobbies and pastime activities.

Make sure to note if you notice him struggling to grasp a concept. Do the same every time you see him avoid engaging in new activities, especially those he used to love.

4. Problems Remembering Commitments

Recurring memory loss is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease and other known forms of dementia. Everyone will, at some point, forget something. But if this begins to recur on an ongoing basis, ensure you document when and how often it happens.

For example, you should take note if your dad regularly forgets:

• Maintenance appointments for his car

• Dinner plans with family or friends

• Dentist or doctor’s appointments

5. Struggle to Manage Finances

Have you noticed your dad struggling to pay taxes or manage bills? Does he have a hard time trying to balance his checkbook? Try to be on the lookout for bills piling or his inability to solve other day-to-day problems with the same ease he used to in the past. All these are common signs linked to the onset of dementia.


Many signs can indicate the onset of dementia. Please do your best to track them using a journal or phone and use specific examples when sharing this information with the doctor. The more details you can share, the easier it becomes to diagnose your dad.