If you have a problem with pests in your home then you need to deal with it. Either you can remove them by yourself or you can ask for external help. Needless to say that many homeowners often prefer the second option because opting for the help of a local pest control professional exterminator means that you can be assured the work will be carried out to a high standard by the experts, who will make sure that your home is pest free.

Any pest control expert who you hire will advise you on the actions you need to take, before, during and after the extermination process. If you are looking for pest control in Austin make sure you choose a provider that is licensed and will provide you with reliable advice. We are going to take a look at some of the advice you may be given when you hire an exterminator.

What should you do before the extermination process?


There is likely to be some level of preparation you will need to carry out before the exterminator arrives. Depending on the type of procedure being carried out you will be expected to make sure all foodstuffs are effectively sealed. If your kitchen is to be treated you will probably also be asked to empty the cupboards and store any items in another room under a covering. Speak to the exterminator to see if you need to clean the cupboards; often this helps to improve the effectiveness of any baits that are used as there are no leftover foodstuffs to draw the attention of any pests.

Do you need to leave your property during the extermination process?

In some cases you will be able to remain in your home while the extermination is taking place, although not in the area that is being treated. Anyone in the household who is pregnant or has breathing difficulties, young children or pets should always leave the property during treatment, as they can be more susceptible to the effects of chemicals used.


What happens after the extermination?

Any surfaces that have been treated during the extermination represent some risk if they are touched while they are still wet. It normally takes 2-4 hours for surfaces to dry, during which time it is recommended that children, pets, people with breathing difficulties and anyone who is pregnant remain outside of the property. Everyone may be advised to remain outside, depending on the treatment that has taken place. Once the surfaces are dry there is no longer any risk present.

You should never hesitate to call in the professionals to deal with a pest infestation; the processes involved are safe if you follow any advice you are given carefully. It can be far more costly to not enlist some help as pests can take a hold on your home and can cause potential health problems if children, or people with breathing difficulties, are exposed to their excrement or urine. Pests such as termites can also cause substantial damage to your home.