The reishi mushroom is not usually associated with long-lasting and serious side effects. However, interaction of this medicinal herb with certain specific medications can lead to severe impact on the user and result in permanent impact on the body. This herb is known to trigger the effects of blood clotting medicines such as antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulants. Individuals under such medication should consult with a health-care expert before making use of this mushroom. Those presently under antihypertensive drugs should avoid consuming reishi or consult a health-care provider in order to ensure safe usage of this medicinal fungus.

It is also known to have moderate impact with ant diabetic drugs as it might have the effect of decreasing levels of blood sugar in the body. Thus, consuming this medicine with other diabetic medicine might cause the blood sugar levels in the body to go too low. So, potential users presently under insulin, glimepiride (Amaryl) and similar other medicines must take suggestions from a physician to avoid any negative impacts.

Proper consumption guidelines

Since this medicinal herb cannot be consumed in its raw form there are certain specific ways by which these can be digested. Ganoderma lucidum extract is known to contain the beneficial effects which is why consuming it in its raw form does not provide the desired outcome. As these are not easily available in the wild it is better either to purchase or cultivate your own reishi mushroom. Pills or tablets are manufactured by grinding up the fruit body of the reishi which are known to be quite effecting in combating various deadly diseases.

An alternative to the tablet form is the liquid version which is prepared by concentrating the active ingredients using hot water or alcohol. The liquid product labels specifically mention the total number of drops to constitute a single gram of this medicine. Apart from these it can also be purchased from the market in dried or powder form. Though they are a bit tough to consume can give the most benefits similar to drinking it as tea or soup.


An effective anti-aging solution

Also known as the king of herbs, the reishi mushroom has been highly praised in the herbal medicine community for its outstanding contribution to longevity. This has been a traditional food for those seeking to be immortal. Over the past couple of decades scientific research studies have emphasized and focused on exploring the yet uncovered benefits of the unique bio-active compounds of this 10,000 year old mushroom. Recent studies have linked the positive effects of this supplement to certain life-span expansion. This can be attained by boosting the immune system health and prevention of the formation of abnormal blood vessels.

The significant ability of Ganoderma lucidum extract to stimulate brain neurons, find and destroy cancer cells and restrict the development of fat cells in obese users demonstrates the life-extending properties of Reishi. In addition to this it also has therapeutic benefits for the treatment of allergies, asthma Parkinsons’s and Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, diabetes and many more. The complex bioactive compounds in this herb are also an effective stimulant in combating age related issues.