Wai Lana, renowned yoga teacher and spiritual celebrity, has released her latest music video this week. The video commemorates World Yoga Day, a day which marks an international appreciation for yoga. This latest video is very topical, and Wai Lana takes it upon herself to discuss the anxiety surrounding aging. Using her sweet and tender voice, Wai sings of the beauty of the soul, and of the timelessness of what lies within. This is a great reminder for those that value youthfulness over peacefulness.

The video is both a short film and a music video. Its seven minutes in length and Wai Lana sings sweetly throughout. Her voice is beautiful and calming. She sings in high, melodic tones- as an instrumental backing (featuring soothing strings and calming keys) plays quietly out behind her. The music features very powerful and topical lyrics, that are subtitled for the convenience of viewers.

This guarantees that viewers will be able to understand Wai Lana, and absorb her message. Although she sings in English, there is a simplicity to the lyrics, that will allow non-English speakers to grasp the meaning too.

Throughout the video, Wai can be found on a cluster of rocks at the beach. This is a very natural, very calming setting that helps create a sense of serenity. The whole setting was carefully chosen to reinforce the themes of peace, serenity and nature. This is very effective, and contrasts nicely with other shots shown throughout the video.

The other, contrasting shots shown throughout this video are of characters in urban areas of the world- stressed and sad. We as viewers watch as they sit, sadly, and observe old pictures of themselves. All of the characters share the common feeling of anxiety. They all want to stay alive, but time has no mercy, and they have no control over the reality unfolding before them.

wailana alive forever musical video

All these sentiment changes, when Wai Lana begins to sing of real wisdom surrounding yoga. She shares with us and with the characters within her short film, the importance of dismissing earthly objects. Our body, our face, is not important. What matters is the soul, and yoga teaches that the soul is eternal. Wai spreads this joy and positivity to all the characters in her video, which helps them achieve a sense of acceptance. Suddenly, there is a positivity to the video that was previously inexistent. Suddenly, we’re watching as the fundamental teachings of yoga change the perspective of normal people- for the better.

This is a great way to celebrate the benefits of yoga, help people come out the stress of aging and death. It’s also an excellent way for us to enjoy the beauty of Wai Lana’s delicate voice, as she sings sweetly but with conviction and passion.