When you buy a new phone what happens to the one before it? Does it sit in the drawer collecting dust? Did you throw it away? Well I hope not , because old refurbished phones are still valuable. Plenty of refurbished phones are sold daily.

The owners get paid off their old phones all the time. Just think that perfectly fine still functioning phone could put some money in your pocket instead of taking up space. The phone doesn’t even have to work, you can sale it for parts. Plus, refurbished phones so easy to sale. Refurbished phone are a pretty popular product right now. Especially with the prices of every new trendy phone being so high , people are always looking to catch a good deal on one of them. Refurbished phones are the only phones some people buy. These phones can come in mint condition you’ll never know it was used. This market appeals to some many different types of buyers. People who break phones easily and often aren’t looking for something brand new and expensive.

They need something nice and affordable. Refurbished phones are good for everyone not just people that are hard on phones. Young children might not be ready for the responsibility of a brand new phone, kids misplaced these so often buying them something new might not be ideal. Sometimes your best bet is to play if safe and affordable. So are you wondering where to get these new trendy affordable phones from yet? I’ll let you in on a little secret, they are everywhere. Literally, you can find refurbished phones everywhere.

If you are too shy to ask a friend or a neighbor in person you can go on Facebook and check there marketplace listings. Maybe you need a larger selection of phones or they just didn’t have what you’re looking for. Take the search to a online search engine. They give plenty of sites that specialize in refurbished devices. Website like Swappa are great, even websites like eBay and Craigslist are good. If the internet isn’t the right route for you, there’s still plenty of other paths you can take.

Pawn shops sell used devices and have decent prices. Some cell phones shops and cell phone repair shops keep refurbished phones for sale. From what I have learned from my experiences, online has had the best selection and the best prices for refurbished phones. When searching for these phones online make sure you see the actual phone your buying, check reviews on the store and make sure the site is authentic. It’s still scammers out here in the shadows.

Even when buying in person make sure the product works before leaving. These phones don’t usually come with a warranty. Also, your service provider needs to be compatible with the phone your buying. You don’t want to buy a phone and can’t use it or be forced to change services. When searching for refurbished phones take your time don’t jump at first low price take your time and search all your options.

For the online users check the payments option to see if the website site is something you feel comfortable with. I prefer the websites with PayPal, it makes me feel more secure purchasing from the website. Another tip I would like to add is make sure you are reading the seller’s comments. The phone may have some issues you don’t want to deal with or some phone may come with extra accessories.

Finding a refurbished phone isn’t difficult but don’t go in blind, take your time , read the descriptions, check the website for authenticity, look at the pictures, test the phone in the store or from whoever you buy it from remember these things and you’ll find a great refurbished phone.