Having a baby is something that is a huge accomplishment for a woman. The changes that the body goes through throughout the period leading up to giving birth are usually things that most people are familiar with. We all know that the stomach gets big and sometimes the face and other parts of the body. We all know that eventually a baby comes out and then your breasts get larger as they fill with milk.

What not as many people are familiar with, however, is how your body changes after the baby comes out. There can be many misconceptions that you give birth and your body just magically bounces back to where it was. However, your body takes more time than that to get back to where it started before getting pregnant. Remember, it took your body roughly 40 weeks to grow a baby, so it will take on average a little under that to shrink back. Here are the changes you can expect after giving birth to your baby.

Your Breasts Will Change

Whether you breastfeed or not you should expect changes in your breasts following giving birth. They will be large and heavier, and depending on whether you decide to breastfeed or not and depending on the length of time, you may find that your breasts are less perky than before.

Wearing supportive bras may reduce some of the sagging, but there is no way to guarantee there won’t be some changes. It is simply part of being a mother and you should avoid putting too much pressure on yourself about it.

Your Hair Might Be Thinner

After you give birth you may notice that your hair is thin and falling out. Don’t panic! This is completely normal and very common in women who have recently given birth. After you deliver your baby your estrogen levels lower and your hair goes into what is referred to as a resting stage.

You may find that your hair falls out more in the shower or when you brush your hair you see more coming off onto the brush. This is something that will return to normal 6 to 12 months after giving birth. In the interim you can buy hair thickening products and wear your hair in a bun if it makes you feel insecure.

Your Hips Might Be Wider

When you give birth to your baby your body goes through incredible shapeshifting processes in order to get the baby out. Your hips shift in order to allow the baby to exit through a natural birth and therefore you may find that your hips are wider following the birth.

You should embrace any changes in your hips as this can make you feel even more feminine than before!