Whether you’re always heading out to the shops or you seem to find yourself constantly on the school run, being a mum can be a busy job. This is why it’s so important to ensure that you get the rest that you need and allow yourself some fun “me time” – even if it’s just for a few minutes every day. Here’s how you can make the most of modern technology to achieve that aim.

Use an e-reader 

Reading a book is something that many people enjoy doing as a way to relax – and it’s also a good way to get some escapism in. However, physical books can be a little bit cumbersome, and sourcing them tends to require extra work. Going to the library or to the bookshop, for example, is simply another job to add to your never-ending to-do list! However, with an e-reader on hand, all you need to do is download the book that you want to read and then get started. It’s also handy to slip inside your handbag and take with you on the go, so you can read it whether you’re in the doctor’s waiting room with the kids or simply enjoying your morning coffee.

Play online games 

Whether you’ve got a lucky streak in you or you simply fancy trying your hand at an online game, playing at an internet casino is a great way to be in with a chance of netting yourself some extra cash. Having a spin of the roulette wheel or enjoying a round of poker is something that you can now easily do on a device such as a mobile phone or a tablet, so you can have a go whenever and wherever you have a spare moment.

Treat yourself to TV

There’s nothing quite like watching an episode of your favourite programme on a big screen. If you’re able to, why not look into really splashing out and treating yourself to a substantial TV for your bedroom or sitting room? If this is not an option for space or cost reasons, then investing in a speedy tablet or laptop that is compatible with Netflix or another legitimate streaming service is a great idea. Even just grabbing half an hour each day to enjoy some great programmes can really cut down on your stress levels, so it’s well worth doing.

Being a busy mum is a rewarding job in many ways. However, it’s also one that’s best suited to people who’ve had a chance to rest in between errands – and that’s where scheduling in some “me time” comes into play. After all, if you’ve not properly rested by kicking back and relaxing, then you won’t be able to devote your full energy to parenting the following day! Thankfully, technology is on hand to sort this out: from watching TV on a big screen to reading on a Kindle, there are many ways that you can get some quality time in place.