What are dental implants?

To replace a missing tooth or teeth, an implant is a metal fixture that is attached to the jaw bone. It usually takes about 6 months for the jaw and gums to accept the fitting and treat it like the other teeth in your mouth.

You generally get a temporary fitting to go on your implant whilst the process heals and then you get a new one once the process is done.

You can often choose between removable or fixed implants.

What are the risks?

Once qualifying for and getting your new dental implants it is incredibly important to take really good care of them.

Not looking after your implants could cause more damage than its worth. As the implants are carefully attached to your jaw bone it is vital that you regularly clean and maintain them to contribute to your healthy jaw as well as gums and surrounding teeth.

How long do they last?

Implants are completely safe and well-established and will last for as long as you care for them. Neglecting an implant can cause gum disease, bleeding, soreness and discomfort – similar to symptoms experiences with other real teeth.

There is no lifetime guarantee, but they can last a significantly long time If they’re well looked after and fitted to a healthy jaw bone they should last many years.

Are they difficult to clean?

Dental implants are very easy to clean. You should gain advice from your professional dentist as well as brushing them as you would brush all of your other teeth.

You may be given some special tools to clean your implants and it is also recommended that you get them cleaned professionally by a implant dentist frequently.