I’m going to commit the biggest cardinal sin ever now: I don’t like D.I.Y. I’m not bothered whether I can put up a shelf or not; I don’t care whether it gives me points in the feminism arena; I am tremendously happy to have my husband do it all.


And my failure to fully embrace a feminist way of life doesn’t stop at D.I.Y. It kind of extends to fixing cars, household appliances, even mowing the lawn. My attitude to anything electrical is: I don’t care how it works, just as long as it does. With D.I.Y it’s: I don’t care how to do it, I just want it done.

However, despite my feministic shortcomings, I am quite house-proud. Trying to keep my home tidy is a nightmare, and an absolute testament to that popular saying: “trying to tidy your house when you have kids is like trying to shovel snow when it’s still snowing.” However, I do like things to look nice.

And I like things that look nice for a cheap price even more.

So this article is, hopefully, going to explore a few different ways in which you can brighten up your home cheaply and easily on any budget.

1. Cushions and Blankets and Throws Oh My!

It’s amazing how a few strategically positioned cushions, blankets and throws can brighten up your living room or bedroom. If for some bizarre reason my sofa had to be forensically examined, I’d put money on them finding at least 52 shades of stains on there, ranging from toddler wee to Sunny Delight, from rose wine (I hold up my hands!) to tomato sauce (my husband’s fault, not either of my sons’!).

Investing in a throw not only adds colour and character to your living room, but covers up all manner of spillages and sins.

throw 2

My mum splashed out on a luxury throw from French Connection for my bedroom as a Christmas present this year, but they can come in all shapes and sizes, materials and styles and can be found just about anywhere to suit anyone’s budget.

2. Quirky Items in Frames

This may sound like a weird idea, but framing anything makes it look good enough for the wall. I can’t even take credit for this idea, as it’s my husband’s! He shrank some crisp packets in the oven with the boys a couple of years ago, and then decided to stick them in a frame for the wall of the boys’ bedrooms. They actually look really funky!

You can frame anything from flattened drinks cans to old postcards, theatre tickets to pages from a road map book – it’s all about experimenting, and finding cheap frames, which are (almost) ten-a-penny these days.

3. Unusual Flower Pots

My favourite car-boot sale item is my Scott of the Antarctic tin I picked up for 50p. It now sits in my bathroom holding a plant – don’t ask me what kind, I’m just happy it’s stayed alive!


It’s amazing what you can make a flower pot out of. Decorative teapots are easy enough, and I have one of Sadler’s Shakespeare designs in my kitchen window. Again, this is another idea that’s best experimented with, but can prove a really unique form of interior design.

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