As much as you naturally have a deep-running love for your children and you’re only too happy to be there for them in every way possible, one sometimes can’t help but wonder if their main mission on this earth is to drain you of those energy reserves you never even knew you had. Every parent though has some much-needed downtime when parent-mode can be duly turned down a notch or two, when the kids are either sleeping, bathing, watching their favourite television programmes, or simply not trying to kill themselves in any number of the many creative ways children really test their birth-givers’ parenting skills. This deserved downtime is often marred by a common inability to fully switch off the stress associated with meeting the demands of raising your children, which is why many turn to somewhere like CannaUnion, finding that CBD is the perfect way de-stress.

While looking forward to your downtime you might think that all you want is some peaceful, quiet time to just sit down and do absolutely nothing, but your mind is still in parent-mode and needs a certain type of de-stimulation to put your mind in a different mode. By this time though you’re probably too tired to get into any physical activity, and the last thing you need is extra stress, so the next best thing is to occupy your mind with just the right combination of mind exercises and entertainment – the best way to relax after coping with the extensive demands of kids. Three types of smartphone apps or website categories work best to help you relax and de-stress without spending what little energy you have left:


Despite what your tired mind may suggest, reading won’t further drain you of the energy depleted by your children’s demands. The simplest of reading apps like Aldiko or even Amazon’s Kindle potentially put you in line to access millions upon millions of books to re-programme, relax and rejuvenate your mind, but you have to (de)stimulate your mind with the right kind of content. Covering a few more pages of an ongoing literary favourite (preferably fiction), followed by some positive news will go a long way in helping you wind-down better. We’ll forgive you for sneaking YouTube into this category as well since online videos require less brainpower and mind engagement to help you re-boot your mind and relax.

Blogging and Publishing

If the exploits of your little ones showed a bit of mercy and you have some energy left to engage in something a little more physical, updating your blog, or publishing your own mommy memoirs or notes via the likes of or apps like WordPress and Tumblr serves as a great physical and psychological outlet for all the stress and restlessness you might have built up through the day. Try to focus on writing and perhaps publishing thoughts that positively reinforce the process of “letting go,” like perhaps a brief description of how you felt when one of your youngest finally learned to tie his or her own shoelace.

Online Gaming

What relaxes you and gets your mind off things quite like engaging in some online gaming? Nothing, right? We’re not talking about popular battery-draining apps here (although slinging Angry Birds is a great way to de-stress). Fun casino games such as those abundantly available on do a much better job of helping you make the transition from full mommy-mode, but mostly because these games carry the potential to reward you with real winnings you can cash out in addition to taking your mind off of the stresses of dealing with kids.

Effective relaxation is but only a tap of your Smartphone’s screen away!