Decorating our home is an essential part of creating a magical space where we feel comfortable. A space where our soul can rest, our mind can relax and our body can rejoice in the beauty that we’ve created around us.

In recent years, just like fashion has become fast and disposable, so has interior decoration. Where social media influencers are constantly pushing the idea that our home needs to be updated just as fast as our closets.

Just as in the case of fast-fashion, where clothing garments tend to fall apart after a couple of times of wear. Low-quality items for your home can become an expensive purchase when they fall apart quickly.

If we take a quick look in historical interior decoration, we can see that queens, kings and the aristocracy focused on high-quality items for the interior decoration of their castles. Items that live in museums up until today in perfect conditions.

You don’t need to be a queen or king to invest in good quality items for your home. It’s a matter of opting for quality instead of quantity.

Discover your own style

If you want to keep with your home updated with the latest interior design trends, chances are that you will opt for low-quality products that look trendy but that will have a short life.

Instead, discover what’s your style. Try to remove all the social media marketing and find out what’s the style that better suits YOU, not your guests or social media presence, but what YOU like.

Focus on your style and buy quality

Once you’ve figured out what your style work towards buying quality products. You don’t have to revamp your entire house overnight. Make it a working progress that will you motivated and inspired to look for the best. Look for leading brands for the home.

Only by items that you love

Instead of looking for ways to delight the taste of others, find items that bring you joy, just like Marie Kondo would say. The decoration of your house needs to bring you joy. Instead of buying an item to fill empty spaces, make sure that you’re making purchases that feel passionate about.

Be patient

Finding the perfect item for every space in the house can take time. Don’t rush into making impulse purchases only because of their low-priced, and/or because they’re trendy. Fashion trends pass, low-quality products break easier or wear down. Remember that you’re looking for quality and piece that bring you joy. This cannot happen overnight in a one-day shopping spree.

Choose every piece with a purpose

You’ve probably gone to someone’s house and noticed how every shelve is just filled with junk and different ornaments all over the place. How the fans don’t match the carpet or the coffee tables are entirely out of place with the colour of the sofa fabric.

This generally happens when people buy items without a purpose. They see a coffee table on sale and buy it without giving it much though. Or they see a cute ornament and buy it without thinking where they will put it, or if it has a particular purpose, even if it’s just delighting the sight.

When you buy something, think if it has a purpose in your home?