Everyone knows that being a parent means that you rarely have time to do anything for yourself but it’s important that you do try. Your happiness matters as much as your children’s, so make it your mission to make time for yourself too. Here are some ways you can achieve this:


Treat yourself as much as you can. As a mother, you put the needs of others before your own on a daily basis. Make an effort every month to set time, and money, aside for yourself by taking a look at your calendar and scheduling ‘me-time’. This can be anything from getting your hair done, getting a manicure or treating yourself to a massage.

Keep in touch with friends

The day-to-day business of being a parent can mean that weeks, sometimes months, go by without you seeing your friends. However, catching up with friends can be a good way to let off some steam and also incorporate some time to yourself. You could even arrange a monthly night-out where you can take time to make yourself feel glamorous (froxx.co.uk can help with this, it’s important to treat yourself too) and dance off some of the stresses of everyday life. If this isn’t your idea of a good time, even meeting for coffee and having a moan can relieve tension.

Let go of guilt

Self-care is key to living a happy and healthy life. Stopping to think about yourself once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about, after all, you spend most of your days thinking about everyone else so it’s only fair that you give yourself the same amount of attention sometimes. You need care just like everyone else so don’t let the guilt set in, you deserve to put yourself first too.

Practice mindfulness

This is the practice of being present in the moment rather than trying to think about a million things at once. As a parent, there is always something to do and sometimes it feels as though you can’t even catch a breath. By staying present, you can more efficiently stay on the task at hand and it can help to reduce stress too. However, it does take both time and patience to master but it will be worth it in the end. Try and incorporate a couple of mindfulness exercises into your daily routine.

Find a hobby

Once you’ve put the kids to bed, it can be really easy to park your bum on the sofa and watch TV. This could be your idea of heaven, so if it works for you carry on! If not, maybe try and find a hobby to do in the evening. This can make you feel as though you are doing a little something that you want to do every day. You could take up yoga, knitting or anything that takes your fancy that you can do from home. If you’re stuck with chores once you’ve finished the bedtime routine, perhaps give yourself just one night a week to take time out and have some fun.