As the well-known idiom goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By taking a few simple precautions, you can make yourself and your family less likely to be exposed to danger. Home and vehicle security experts Armoured Shielding have listed some of the latest innovations used by their clients all over the world to help keep their families safe.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking devices have been installed in the vehicles of the rich and famous around the globe for many years. However, with recent advances in technology, anyone can now enjoy the same level of peace of mind and protection. After installing a vehicle tracking device, should the worst happen and your vehicle is stolen or you simply want to keep track of where your loved ones are on their travels, you will be able to monitor the exact location of the vehicle from any computer, or even on your tablet or smartphone.

Home alarm systems

The value of house alarm systems is not to be underestimated even though they are not a new invention. A number of studies have shown that when an alarm is in place, criminals leave more quickly (and take fewer valuable possessions). Neighbourhoods that have a high number of alarm systems are typically safer than those that do not. If you haven’t got an alarm system in place, it’s a small investment that could very well prevent a much more significant loss.

Alarms don’t just deter people; they can also assist. If you have an elderly family member that lives alone, for example, you can provide them with a personal lifeline alarm that requires a simple one or two touch button that will alert help when pressed. You can get a lifeline alarm from

Home surveillance

Private security cameras used to be a preserve for the wealthy but are now much more widely available. There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive and complex systems either. Simply mount a few cameras around your property and connect them to your home computer network to enjoy your very own home surveillance system. This can provide you with peace of mind with regard to keeping your home safe. If technology is not your forte, enlist the help of a professional technician to set it up for you, ensuring that your system is properly installed and optimized for maximum security. Additionally, you may even want to consider setting up a fake camera to help keep intruders at bay, as the mere presence of visible surveillance can act as a powerful deterrent, significantly enhancing the overall security of your home.

Intercom systems

Not expecting a visitor? Video and audio intercom systems let you get a good look and listen to visitors before you open the door or let them on to your property. Home intercom systems can give you added reassurance when letting visitors enter your premises and give you a higher level of protection for you and your home.

Secure lighting

Security lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to deter and prevent intrusions or other criminal activity on your property. Turning on an outside light from dusk until dawn, or installing motion-sensor lights around the outside of your property is an effective way to deter criminals who thrive on the cover of darkness.