Holidays play a vital role in modern society, especially if you’re a family with young kids. Vacations are one of the year’s highlights and are often the source of magical memories that will be remembered for many more to come.

No child ever forgets their first holiday, and it’s one that all parents want to get right. Holidaying with kids is totally different to doing it with your friends. But with the preparations, there’s no reason it can’t be a fantastic time for everyone.

Here are a few tips to ensure it’s a trip that will provide memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy.



Choose Family Fun

The chosen destination is a vital feature of any holiday. However, it’s even more important when travelling with kids. Firstly, you have to rule out any overly physical challenges. Secondly, you have to ensure it’s a location that will keep them entertained.

As soon as winter comes, the children will already have one eye on Christmas. Have fun in the Lapland snow and you’ll be building their excitement for December 25th as well as enjoying the perfect family holiday.

Whatever you do, you want to make sure the accommodation is comfortable too. Adults might be able to hack backpacking, but children aren’t cut out for it. Being away from home is strange enough for them. The last thing you want to do is make it more alien by staying in inadequate facilities.

Be Aware Of Travel Challenges

One of the main difficulties about holidaying with children is the journey. This is something that all parents who have previously done it will confirm. Quite frankly, this is a part of the trip that you cannot afford to be underprepared for.

Travelling with small kids is different to going away with your friends. It can be a particularly tough test if this is the first time that a child has completed a long journey. Good organisation is a must and these tips will serve you well.



Keeping your offspring happy and safe won’t just benefit them. Avoiding the potential stress should allow you to gain far more enjoyment from the holiday too. Besides, you don’t want to spend the whole vacation fearing the return journey.

Think About Yourself

As a parent, your main priority is to make your child’s first holiday special for them. However, it’s vital that you remember that the vacation is also for you and your partner. Parenting is tough, and you deserve a chance to relax and recharge the batteries.

Having children with you will limit your options. But there’s no reason that you can’t take excursions that are geared towards your enjoyment. Alternatively, you could always drop them off at a kids club to gain a little relaxation time.

As much as you love the kids, a little break will do you good. Besides, it’s a great way for you and your partner to celebrate your romance too. The children will come first, but you mustn’t forget yourself. Your increased happiness will indirectly improve their holiday anyway.