The festive season is officially upon us. The kids have wrote their Christmas lists, I’ve started stocking plenty of wine to put the merry into Christmas and we’re already bored of X-Factor. All that’s left to do now is create a truly festive home for the whole family to enjoy – and I’m going to offer some helpful tips to help you do the same.

The Countdown

As any parent will know, the kids will spend the next month counting down to Christmas Day. Instead of presenting them with a chocolate advent calendar from a supermarket, why not give provide them with a Christmas countdown treat that will really add a touch of magic into the holiday.

I’ve fallen in love with all wooden advent calendars of late, which offers cute little drawers that you can store away little treats for the little ones (or big ones), who will receive a new surprise every day until Christmas Eve.

However, don’t just buy a readymade decoration – where is the fun in that? Instead, learn how to make your own advent calendar. It will provide plenty of fun for all the family, and you’ll feel a sense of pride each year. If you or your children would like to create your own Christmas decorations this year, head on over to Hobbycraft’s blog for some seasonal inspiration.

Getting the House Ready

It goes without saying that Christmas is a favourite for the kids, and sometimes for the adults too. So, it is fitting to prepare the house for the holiday season, from A-Z. You’d want to ensure that you have a nice, warm, cozy, and intimate Christmas.

So, make the preparations that the house requires. First, you could change the upholstery and curtains to something that is better suited for Christmas. You should also include checks for appliances, lights, plumbing, and furnishing. Also, ensure that your energy and water bills are paid up.

Next, have your HVAC system looked at; it would be a party-pooper if the heating system malfunctioned mid celebrations. Depending on your requirements, ensure that you have a professional brought in for inspection, fixes, or furnace replacement in Gaithersburg, MD, if that’s where you live.

Finally, plan out how you can decorate your home. See whether you want to follow a theme for your Christmas decoration, and put up some scented candles to heighten that Christmas feel.

The Scent of Christmas

There’s no better feeling than walking into a warm, beautifully-smelling home. Candles really can give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside during the cold winter months, triggering the love of everything festive and fun. If you want to experience homely Christmas scents, there are so many candles and diffusers on the market to choose from, but we recommend opting for something with a little spice, such as the Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick or even a citrus burst of spiced orange.

Pick a Colour

It’s essential you select a festive colour to ensure your decorations work in harmony with one another. Perfectly-selected contrasting shades can be a great way to add some warmth to your home, such as purple and orange. If you love modern design, white and blue might be the perfect shades for your festive home. Who is to say you can’t stick with the traditional red and gold, if that’s what you like.

Don’t just pick up any old Christmas decorations that take your fancy. Opt for a colour scheme that complements your colour scheme or festive personality.

The Tree

No festive home is complete without a tree – which should be the focal point in a room for all the right reasons. One of the best moments during the holiday has to be when you decorate the Christmas tree.

If you want to make your home stand out from other designs, you just have to select the right tree. While real Christmas trees have a wonderful festive scent, you can guarantee they’ll start to wilt and brown come New Year – and you have to shell out a significant amount of money for the pleasure each year.

Artificial Christmas trees are a great way to decorate your home every year, as they’ll retain their shape and colour, and you can even use them year after year. There are so many sizes to suit all sorts of spaces and styles, as you can transform your home with a seven foot tree or can opt for a smaller 5ft version that will fit perfectly into a small space.

The Dinner Table Setting

Christmas is the time when loved ones gather together to just enjoy each other’s company. We don’t know about you, but in our family we very rarely just sit down at the table to just enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal – which is why Christmas is such a big occasion for all of us.

I really take the time to create a beautiful table setting that will really wow our dinner guests. I just love changing my dining table, colour theme, place names and centrepieces every year. The key to creating a magical table setting is to pick two harmonious colours combined with quality dinnerware and glassware.

The key to designing a beautiful festive home is to just have fun with it – and don’t forget to let the little ones involved in the decorating, too.