Artificial grass is a popular choice for most of the people who don’t like or just don’t have enough time for maintenance in their yards. This synthetic turf is made of polymers and nylon and is closest to the real grass as can be. They are a bit of expensive, but they have numerous advantages; you wouldn’t have to mow, fertilize, water or worry about gardening at all and they will still give you the natural look. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never have to look after it again. Artificial grass is very easy to clean and here are a few ways you can clean it.

  1. Remove Debris Using a Leaf Blower

The artificial grass can trap debris in it. Large or small, any debris can damage your turf. This debris includes fallen leaves, branches, twigs or dust. Clean out this debris using a leaf blower towards one side of the garden. When the debris is grouped at a corner, collect and throw it into the wastage. You can do it at least once a month to keep your artificial grass clean. If you do not find the time, you can Contact Steiner Lawn Care for Leaf Cleanup, or similar providers that serve in your area, as they can carry out the task for you instead of letting the debris pile up.

  1. Be Smart

The cleansing of your artificial grass depends on some conditions. You may need to clean your synthetic garden more often than some other conditions. If you have dogs, children and there are trees which can shed twigs, you may have to clean your yard more than once in a month. Similarly, if you are living in an area where there is a lot of dust or dust storms, you might want to wash your artificial turf with water. Beware that in rainy days, let the rain wash your turf and don’t pull out your hose anytime soon because too much water can damage the turf.


  1. Removing Pet Waste

People with pets may know the headache that comes with cleaning their waste. Artificial grass, however, is a pet-friendly option and with proper cleaning habits, it cannot be damaged. Most of the pets have a favorite place in the lawn where they can relieve themselves. Identify it and use the usual plastic bags to remove the solid waste but afterward water the area down with a hose. Same can be done with urinal waste and water down the place. When the time of cleaning your turf comes, spray additional water to the pet’s favorite littering place. Keep in mind that while using the hose, use it gently as too much water pressure can damage the turf.


  1. Remove the Spills and Stains

Spills on artificial grass can be dealt with ease. You can use paper towels for most of the spills and they will get off easily. Make sure not to rub the spill violently onto the grass. Make sure to act immediately after the spill but if you do find a stain, later on, you can use detergent and water solution to get it off. For the sticky stuff like gum or lipstick, use a knife to scrape it off the surface. Just make sure that you scrape the grass upward and not across as there is a chance that it may get cut by accident.